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The concept of all our stores is to open 24/7 all year long. When we signed with BIM POS, we wanted to make sure that they support us all-day long and all-year long like our stores; and that was already their brand promise. A professional software with prompt and effective support. Their system is user friendly and their service very fast. We certainly went with the best!

Raydan Abdul Khalek, Business Development Manager of HIBOU

What can I say about BIM POS? Mmmm. I chose them out of 10 other companies. They were startups 10 years ago and today they are one of the leaders in the market. Their products are very reliable and robust. I don't remember we ever had a problem in our business that made me lose control. Their support was and is still amazing. They always innovate and drive by their new features. Great team and Company!

Sebastien Soubra - General Manager, Pacifico

The best thing I did in my business is that I implemented BIM POS. They Introduced many ideas into the Restaurant's Concept that today became signature innovations at Sandwich W Noss. Automatic Generation of Sandwich Labels, Customer Order Tracking Tool, and Customer Service Evaluation applications have all been key to the growth of our Concepts. Our unique relationship between BIM POS and us, contributes in a helpful business path and management. The guys are way too leading the industry. I just Love BIM POS!

Rony Abou Saab - Owner, Chapter Two SARL

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