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mother's day at restaurants

Mother’s day guide for restaurants


Do you know that mother’s day is the most popular holiday for restaurants?


The national restaurant association states that 34% of people who celebrate mother’s day will observe it at a restaurant.


Of that number 50% will take out moms to dinner, 35% to lunch, 24% to brunch and 11% for a breakfast.


Equally, over 30% of mothers say that enjoying a meal at a restaurant with their loved ones is the best gift they receive.



As restaurants are preparing to reopen their doors after the lockdown, what beats giving a day off from cooking for hardworking mothers on their special day?



So, are you ready for this day?


This year, mother’s day falls on a Sunday so it’s a great opportunity to plan for a special weekend.


How to rock this day and maximize your revenues?



First and foremost, your menu


If you think fixed price menu works only for new year’s eve and Valentine’s day, then you’re wrong.


A fixed price menu on mother’s day is ideal for mother’s day because it’s a family celebration so offering meals in a fixed price menu encourages diners more when choosing a restaurant.


What are the mothers’ food preferences?


  • 34% go for steak, seafood or barbeque
  • 24% for American cuisine
  • 21% for Italian, Mexican and Asian
  • 19% go for buffets
  • 2% for fast or casual restaurants


Most mothers prefer steak and seafood which gives a great opportunity for fixed price menus.

Don’t bother offering lots of option for salads since 1% of mothers only opt for salad, rather have a variety of steaks, ribs, salmon or shrimps and signature chicken.


Starters are important as well since it’s most likely to be a family gathering of at least 4 people.


Check out this mother’s day menu from Surf & Turf in Malta.


Mother's day menu


If you’re a fine dining restaurant, don’t forget to add a kids’ menu for the little ones or offer smaller portions platters for spaghetti, breaded or grilled chicken.


If offering a fixed price menu is not an option then it’s the time to offer a new item on the menu specially for mother’s day.


Make sure to test reactions on this new item ahead of time on social media.


Ask your followers for their feedback on launching this new item or give them a choice between 2 items.


The one that gets more votes win the way to your menu.



Offer a gift


The best gift you can offer to mothers that gets you more revenues is a gift card for a next visit.


Offer them 20% discount on their next visit or $10 off their next bill with 3 months’ time limit.


If they liked you enough, you will see them soon enough.


Treat mothers with a pink flower on each table.


Team up with a spa to give mothers a discount on massage, facials or body treatments.


Offer them a free dessert leaving a note saying “for all the days that you had to give up your food, happy mother’s day”


Create a corner for kids


Mother’s day cannot be celebrated without the presence of children so make sure to clear space for them where they can eat and do mother’s day crafts and cards to offer their mothers at the end.


When taking reservations, let the staff ask about children’s age so you can give them appropriate crafting supplies.


Keep it simple as offering a template of a card and drawing pencils where they can draw and write words to their mothers coming from the heart.


Don’t forget to add your name on the cards.


What’s better than a hand crafted card from the mothers’ precious ones?



Throw an exceptional brunch


Get the ladies gathered in a delicious brunch and offer them entertainment.


Stand-up comedy, plan for games among mothers or mothers versus children.


Ask questions about meals preparation for mothers and their children or about cooking tips and secrets.


Let them compete in putting up a sandwich, whoever finishes first or put up the right things in the sandwich wins.


The gift might be a gift card for the next visit, free dessert, free meal or a small gift to take home.


At the entrance offer mothers a free drink.



Turn the music up


Invite a band to entertain your crowd and plan a karaoke. Make sure that the band includes songs about mother’s day but offer a variety of cheerful songs as well.


Let mothers and children sing along their favourite songs or children sing to their mothers.



Let the mothers roll


Hold a cooking class where mothers teach their children their favourite dishes secrets with your chef.


Make sure the ambiance is cheerful with some music.


Let the guests enjoy a delicious meal at the end of the class and offer mothers a free meal or free dessert with a signature drink.


Give mothers a small gift to take home. A candle, small jewelry box, a glass of champagne.


Your name should be crafted on the gifts.



What about bakeries and coffee shops


You can still make the most out of mother’s day.


Follow the lead of Tim Horton’s Canada that launched a special doughnuts bouquet for mother’s day week.


Tim horton's mother's day bouquet


Offer free coffee drinks for mothers. Or upsize their drinks for free.


Don’t forget take –outs and deliveries



Let’s not forget we are still going a through a pandemic. Although many mothers like to dine out, but for some of them it’s not an option during the spread of covid19.


Give these mothers the chance to be pampered as well.


Offer them a special take-out menu.


Make offers for at least 4 people to include the family.


Include a special dessert for mothers with a small note or a signature drink that you strictly offer on this day.


Make your packaging colourful and cheerful on this day.


Don’t forget the gift. A coupon for the next order.


Encourage them to order by offering free delivery.



Share it on social media


However you plan to celebrate mother’s day, you take it to social media starting the beginning of March.


Announce your fixed price menu.


If you are launching a new item, then let your followers engage by voting to the item. Give yourself enough time to get the supplies for this item.


Market your free gifts, free drinks or free desserts for this day.


Hold a competition online where mothers can share funny or embarrassing pictures of their children.


The winning picture gets a free meal or a discount whether in house or for delivery.


Post pictures of meals usually prepared by mothers and hated by children or the funniest sentences said by mothers.


The best caption wins a free meal or drink or a 20% discount.


no matter what, don’t let this day go by like any other day.


Prepare your staff and make reservations ahead to know whether you need extra people or not.


Make sure your POS is advanced enough to take all the orders with all the free items such as the one offered by BIM POS solutions.


Invest in this day to increase your revenues and be ready to amaze your customers.