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A waiter working on the restaurant management system

Do you have these smart features in your restaurant management system?


Starting a restaurant is already hectic. Running the restaurant and making your business successful is a different level of work.


One of the things you should definitely take into consideration and actually make it a priority is how you will be managing your restaurant.


Many restaurateurs find it difficult to run a restaurant manually and who wouldn’t?


Restaurants business is a challenging one because consumer preferences and tastes constantly change and therefore their orders.


These changes affect your operations especially if you are handling things manually.


Restaurant owners need a restaurant management system (RMS) to run his business successfully and efficiently.


In a world governed by technological innovations, would you be able to continue running your business manually?


Even in F&B business, technology found its way to this business. 


A reliable software now affects all aspects in your business including your inventory and operations.



Why do you need to have a restaurant management software?




 Organize your operations


Whether in managing your employees, inventory, menu changes and ordering or kitchen management system, a restaurant management software organizes your everyday operations digitally.


Improve customer relationships


A smart software gives customers different payment options, offers value and rewards features such as discounts or free items and decrease waiting ordering time leading to an increased customer satisfaction and improving customer relationships.


Efficient and faster service


A digital system decreases human intervention leading to less errors. At the same time, if offers instant digital communication among different restaurant departments for a faster service.




What features to look for in a RMS?



Stock and inventory management


A good and reliable RMS allows you to take as many inventories as you want without completely closing your business or interfering with your daily operations.


You should be able to stock check your supply and take online stock orders through the RMS.


Managing your supplies and orders, alerting you of approaching expiration dates are all features to look for when getting an RMS.


Auto-purchasing feature is a criterion also that allows you to place automatic orders on a timely manners minimizing human intervention and errors.


A client relation management


You’re looking for the best RMS, well make sure it includes a back office module that allows you to connect with your customers without sharing your customers’ data a third party.


With this feature, you can text your customers through emails or SMS to update them with any menu changes or any offer.


You can even send them personalized messages on their birthdays or special occasions.


Another way is to send them vouchers and coupons through this RMS for marketing and advertising tools.


Employee management


You can’t be present at your restaurant at all times.


You need a way to manage your staff whether you’re present or not.


A reliable and smart RMS does the job for you.


It manages schedules, attendance that are tracked from employee to payroll.


 A good RMS enables you to analyze employees’ efficiency so you can pay them with accuracy.


An employee working on the restaurant management system and managing inventory and CRM


Kitchen management system


Is it even possible for you to run your restaurant without a proper kitchen management?


Drop manual ordering and oral communication among staff with a reliable RMS that includes a kitchen management system taking orders digitally and distributing them into different kitchen stations. It also allows to organize orders and meals depending on the cooking time required.


Reservation management


You don’t need a third party to manage your reservations for you.


Look for RMS that allows you to manage your reservations on tablets whether you are a small or big venture.


With this feature you can alert your staff with reservations updates, seated tables and customers seating preferences.





Billing is the most important thing you need in your RMS.


It should ensure faster order taking and faster billing process for an optimized table turnover.


Your customers need to split the bill?


No problem!!


That’s for sure if you have a reliable RMS enabling you to split checks with seat orders recognition.


The RMS generates numbers of bills during the day helping you to stay in control and minimizing theft at your restaurant in addition to eliminating discrepancies and human errors.




You can’t prepare reports manually. You need a system to do the job for you in order to have time to analyze your reports and be able to act upon them


Get an RMS that generates different detailed reports about sales, inventory and employees.


These reports help you identify your consumers’ preferences and know what offers to give them or how to price your menu.


You can identify reasons behind slow sales when tracking these reports as well as managing your employees and keeping your costs within control.


You might be a big restaurant with single or multiple outlets or you might be a small pizzeria around the corner or maybe a coffee shop but no matter what is the kind of your restaurant, one thing you need for sure is a reliable and smart restaurant management system that changes the way you do your business and takes it to a different level.


It might be costly on the short run but on the long run it saves you lots of times and money especially if it includes smart features like the one offered by BIM POS.