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BIM POS order status screen installed at a fast food restaurant

Why do you need the order status screen for your restaurant?


Here you are in a restaurant waiting for your order, heading to the counter every now and then to track your food and wishing for an alternative way that shows you when your order is ready.


Can you imagine the situation?


Neither your customers nor your employees are happy. Your employees have to disrupt their services to answer other clients’ inquiries. It’s a dissatisfaction on all levels.


So, what is the secret to a successful business that guarantees the satisfaction of different parties?


It is definitely a steady flow of return business through a great customer experience.


That’s why, it’s essential that you collaborate with a software company that provides you with the Order Status Screen (OSS) to enhance your customer experience and hence their loyalty to keep them coming.



What is Order Status Screen (OSS)?



Obvious enough, the OSS displays customer’s orders on a screen showing them when their order is complete and ready to be served. It simply shows them the status of their orders to know when to approach the counter to pick them up instead of wandering around the restaurant for their orders.



It is a digital screen software that displays the status of orders on a smart TV notifying customers when to pick up their orders. Once the order is ready, the multi-language feature enunciates the order number for customers.



Where is the OSS most useful?


You need your order status screen in quick service restaurants, food courts, crowded snacks or any other restaurants that have high footfall with long queues.  


Why will your customers appreciate you for the order status screen?


To answer this question, you have to know why customers visit crowded restaurants and quick service restaurants in the first place.


Usually, customers visit a fast-food restaurant during lunch breaks or with their children during weekends or after school or work for quick bites on their way home. In all cases, customers won’t appreciate the long waits especially if they are accompanied by their children or have a limited time to spare.


Many parents as well visit fast food chains to celebrate their children’s birthday. Can you imagine having to keep asking about the status of orders while you are already stressed with many children and the time to serve the cake.



The OSS is essential here to notify customers about their orders enabling them to avoid the hassle of waiting in queues to repeat the same question.


Having a full integration with the POS and KMS software, the OSS accurately gives you order updates enabling employees to manage orders efficiently and to process coming ones seamlessly.


Place your OSS beside the ordering counters so both employees and customers have an easy vision of the screen where they can check the orders during the whole preparation process.



Benefits of OSS



Giving you insights on your kitchen operations


Tracking the orders and the time it needs to be ready is essential to measure the efficiency of your kitchen operations and to monitor the performance of your staff. An average of around 4.5 minutes is spent in preparing the orders in fast food restaurants.



Anytime spent way above the average should be investigated if you want to keep your customers.


The OSS enables you to track the order preparation time and track and detect any flaws in kitchen, your system or the staff.



Giving you real time updates of orders



The OSS gives both customers and employees real time updates about their order status for a seamless flow of ordering process. Customers know what to expect in terms of waiting time and servers know how to manage their time.


Enhance customer satisfaction


When customers know what to expect in terms of their order status, you save them lots of irritation. With the OSS you are aware of your peak times and customers flow so you assign your employees accordingly to serve your customers in a timely manner.



Your customers no longer need to wait long to be served with the appropriate staffing strategy leading to a better customer experience increasing loyalty.



In addition, the OSS eliminates undesirable noise in restaurants when customers keep asking about their orders. Instead of the unwanted talks, they check their order status on the screen.


With the screen displaying the orders, customers don’t need to carry the buzzer with them to notify them about their food. What a relief!!


Digitizing your operations is the best thing you can do for your business and customers and the most rewarding decision that has its returns in terms of profits and revenues.