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A picture of a client purchasing from a bakery

Must haves POS features to boost your bakery business


Yes, you may choose a regular POS software feature for your bakery or pastry shop to run your business, but you can also invest in more customized features to boost your sales and upgrade your bakery business.


With the right software, you can optimize and automate your bakery operations to increase both the sales and the shelf life of your baked goods.


With automated operations, you can have yourself some spared time to inquire any additional sales channel that bring you more income and more footfall to your store.


In all levels, having a POS software with designated features for bakery and pastry shops is a winning choice to upscale your business.



Which POS features are essential to upscale your bakery business?



Recipe management


Baking is a very tricky part of cooking. Have you ever heard the saying, “cooking is an art, baking is a science”?


Baking is science for a reason. Any simple or minor change in the ingredients or steps impact the whole results. The recipe management feature in the POS software ensures a consistent finished good every time.


Having successful recipes every time you bake keeps your cost under control and eliminates waste in addition to enhancing customer satisfaction with a consistent flavor.


Managing the recipes centrally using the recipe management implemented in different outlets ensures the elimination of possible errors.


Detailed reporting



Lack of reporting jeopardizes your whole business. Monitoring different aspects of your operations like the daily sales, monthly sales, sales during specific period, menu items sales… provides you with critical input about your performance and detects flaws in specific areas of your operations.



Information about which items are the most selling, inventory management issues, customers’ loss or any other issue can be easily tracked by monitoring reports generated by the POS.

Hence, you should invest in a POS software that gives you detailed picture of your performance enabling you to see the big picture of your operations while understanding every aspect of doing business to attract more customers, keep the current ones and increase your revenues.



Inventory consumption



Restaurants in general use the FIFO method when consuming their inventory to use the older items first. Bakeries are no different. The inventory management feature in a POS enables you to run your inventory in an efficient way and to schedule automated reorders as per your needs.


Scheduling your purchases depends on the history of your consumption that you would picture based on your reports of the previous months.


The software enables you to check your inventory at the beginning and the end of the day to check whether you need to replenish your raw material without any service interruption.




A dynamic label generator


BIM TAG is a state-of-the-art application, designed namely for bakeries, supermarkets, and grocery stores, that generates dynamic labels of products which are sold by piece.

Acting as a smart generator, BIM TAG displays the set of items sold by piece on a screen and it can produce barcodes stating all-important information about the sold products such as: description, quantity sold, final price (including taxes), production and expiry dates, ingredients, and much more.

It is suitable for both bulk and individual items and allows you to integrate seamlessly with the BIM KMS for live labeling produced items such as sandwiches.



CRM integration


A critical factor that defines your whole business is the client management that leads to customer satisfaction. You need consistent recipes, excellent customer service and in-store support to ensure customer loyalty.




In addition, a CRM module captures all information about your customers and their purchases so you can tailor customized messages, emails and offers to them to reward them for their loyalty.


The CRM database provides you with information about each customer's purchasing patterns and preferences from different sales channels such as in-store and online in the form of reports that you can review to make informed decisions that affect your business.


Your bakery or pastry shop business' success depends on many factors and one of these factors surely lay in the automation of your operations to reduce human error and evaluate your overall performance resulting in sales increase.