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Put simply... Proven experience, high quality software, and effective service!

Whether you run a small restaurant or you run a larger fast food chain, BIM POS has a front office & back office solutions that are designed not only to adapt to your needs but to anticipate them.

BIM POS is intuitive and easy to use. It is tailored to suit every business' needs. If you are a waiter, a supervisor, or a manager, the front office's clear and dynamic screens will make sure each action is done properly with the least time possible.

A complete solution covering your needs from bill to bill. BIM POS will manage your operations from the time the supplier delivers the goods till the moment you invoice your customer. You will be able to track your stock and inventory closely and real-time.
  • Blackbox now records a wider range of activities and transactions in the system
  • Printing of Receipt vouchers in BIM CALC, prompts the user to print with VAT or without
  • Assign specific reports to system users or positions for access and print
  • Create unlimited templates of physical inventories that can be retrieved and processed anytime without the time needed of setting up again the products and categories to be counted
  • Inter-branch stock transfers without the intervention of the headoffice
  • Wasting of recipes that poll ingredients and recipes immediately from the stock displaying the real and last cost of the items wasted
  • Printing of gift vouchers for Retail shops
  • Multi-line callerid device can now be setup against any POS terminal to identify clients calls automatically (1 line, 2 line,4 line, 8 line). www.callerid.com
  • Restaurant's Reservation Book, flexible price group setting and customized happy hours have been added to the new functionality matrix - Read more
  • BIM POS integrates the fingerprint technology to the POS functionality - Read more
  • Send SMS to your clients directly from BIM POS without the need of third part - Read more
  • Send Emails directly to your clients from BIM POS for FREE - Read more
  • Be updated on your mobile: receive sms or receive emails when day closed, item voided or manager punches out
  • New 70 reports uploaded including those of: members, sales, purchasing, accounting
  • Do you want to automatically analyze your sales against the outside temperature? Attach a special thermometer and have your sales broken down by weather condition
  1. Kabab 1961, a Lebanese Fast Food Concept, implements BIM POS, BIMBO and BIM CALC.
  2. LUX is fully powered by BIM POS.
  3. Punta Del Este is fully powered by BIM POS.
  4. BIM POS powers all 'On The Road' and 'Smartco' convenience stores of different gas stations in Lebanon managed by SNACKS SAL.
  5. Dar El Beik implements the full range of modules at their new outlet and central kitchen in Ashrafiyeh.
  6. Bakery & More, Irbeel IRAQ, implements the complete line of BIM POS for their bakery, restaurant, and shop.
  7. Second license sold to Africa for FoodTrends, a unique fast food concept managed by Lebanese entrepreneurs.
  8. Tarator, a concept by Ant Ventures chooses BIM POS as the sole POS provider for the current outlet in Ashrafiyeh and all future concepts by the group.
  9. Marble Slab Creamery-the American Ice Cream Franchise in Lebanon, implements BIM POS for their branches and Production plant, replacing another software solution
  10. Ceramics 'N More-the Art Studio in Beirut is powered with BIM POS with special features linking three concept outlets into one single kitchen in Sodeco Square
  11. BRGR CO joins the family of BIM POS after having a bad experience with their recent POS provider
  12. BIM POS has a sales increase of 40% since 01-01-2010
  13. BIM CALC V6.12 is launched
  14. BIM POS welcomes all Sugar Daddy's branches to their family after having a bad experience with their previous POS provider - case study
  15. SODEXO liban chooses BIM POS as the POS and ERP Provider for their operations.
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