Reserve, Seat, Serve from one software


The BIM Hoster is a guest reservation software that connects to your restaurant's POS in real-time fashion. Why integrate with a third party application when you can have your own and connected to your point of sale and CRM software?

the BIM POS hoster's application for customer reservations has all the features

All-in-one Guest reservation software

  • Is suitable for the waitstaff at wedding venues and restaurants, as well as large nightclubs and deluxe pubs

  • Fully manages customers' reservations on tablets, with real-time sync, through the POS stations on-site

  • Reserves tables in advance and manages them by printing the reservation book ahead of time

Hoster Customer Reservation software is customisable and handy

Customizable and Handy

Draws customized floor maps and sections of your restaurant as displayed on the POS stations for a more convenient experience.

You want to change floor layouts on the go? you can manage, edit, and plan your restaurant floor plan as you go without hassle.


Analyze Table Reservation Customer's preferences


  • Records customers' preferences for a reservation

  • Updates the number of customers and alerts waiters of newly seated tables to be served immediately through the BIM PAD

  • Identifies which customers ordered their checks and which are about to leave so that the valet parking clerks deliver customers' cars quickly


Hoster is a table reservation software for restaurants on Ipads/Mini allowing hostesses, waitstaff and floor managers, reserve, seat, and update reservations on the fly. While it works standalone, Hoster is fully integrated with BIM POS Masterdine saving communication between the staff and managing restaurant's clients data in regards to analytics, ordering patterns, and history. Hoster can reserve tables ahead of time for clients, change floor plans, update customer's arrival and it reads customer's orders and table status from the POS terminals empowering hostesses to fully manage the restaurant's seating floors in a real-time fashion.

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