john balian ceo of bim pos participated at the dubai restaurant show dicussing the restaurant's challenges solved by technology



BIM POS along with their UAE Franchise office have participated in this year's Restaurant Show exhibition held at the Festival Arena in Dubai showcasing the latest innovations and latest Version 10 of BIM POS Masterdine and BIM POS Back Office to the visitors of the show. More than 10000 visitors in the hospitality industry around the region have experienced the newest release of BIM POS Masterdine and Back Office applications that were showcased in the last conference of INPACT 2018.

During the show, John Balian, CEO of BIM POS Worldwide has participated into many panel discussions and explained to the participants why should restaurants implement a Smart Point of Sale like BIM POS. To be able to succeed and branch out, every hospitality business owner should invest in a smart software to yield in higher profits and largely reduce costs.


bim pos john balian in a panel discussion at the restaurant show dubai
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