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If you have what it takes to run and manage any business, then the only difference to succeed in runing a BIM POS office in your country will be through our franchise program that highlights on technical expertise, sales skills and Customer support. 

BIM POS partnership preliminary phase and required docs

Preliminary Phase and Required Documents

Within the approval process of the franchise, some documents will be needed from your part before, during and after applying for the BIM POS Franchise Program

  • Fill and send PIRF (Partnership Information Request Form)
  • Sign an NDA document after receiving your PIRF
  • Prepare a detailed business plan summarizing your assumptions and expectations for the first 3 years of operating BIM POS in your territory along with the market information in the country
BIM POS software Franchise contract terms and conditions

Contract Terms & Conditions

  • A Franchise fee should be paid upon signing the agreement (after being approved and selected). Fees depending on each country and territory.
  • You will get free software licenses to operate the office and kick start your business.
  • We will provide you with all our Business Management Solutions for service ticketing and supporting your clients free of charge
  • You will have a BIM POS website with your information and credentials (similar to this one e.g.
  • Unlike the reseller, you will have a special price list with Gross Profit on software licenses reaching up to 75% of the selling price
  • You will have your own channels of resellers and vendors reporting and prospecting for you under your territory.
  • We will provide you with all needed software customizations that will make you an eligible competitor in your territory
BIM POS software Franchise training know how and guidance

Training & Know How

  • Becoming a Franchisee requires to send the Operating and Executing Directors (1 to 3 staff) to our head quarters in Lebanon for attending Advanced trainings (not less than 2 months) in regards to software support, implementation, sales and marketing, support, and business management
  • You will have access to our library of SOPs, technical guides, software tools, and videos helping you and the team on best managing a BIM POS office
  • We will provide you with the complete know how on how to manage a successful BIM POS office mirroring our offices and other franchises in the world
  • We will support you throughout your journey with your clients and teams in regards to software customization, software interface language translation, team training, marketing strategies and more.

Franchisee's take on while becoming a BIM POS partner

Franchisee's Takeon

As any business startup becoming a BIM POS Franchisee doesn't differ much from any business kick off except that we have some requirements that should be met when we sign the contract:

  • You will be required to hire employees for the sales, operation and support of BIM POS clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • You will be required to have at least 60 sq.m. office in the main city of the country
  • You will be supporting and implementing all of the software applications delivered by BIM POS
  • You will be selling and servicing your clients in regards to POS hardware and Network solutions 24 hours a day
  • You will have yearly targets that you and the team should meet to be eligible for the Franchise terms
  • You will be required to spend monthly marketing fees to advertise the business as of day 1

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