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Chart of accounts

what is the restaurant chart of accounts and why is it important?

Any restaurant or business owner in general should be familiar with chart of accounts especially that at the end, you need to measure...
Writing standard operating procedures

Why do you need to write restaurant's SOPs for tasks?

It’s all about the experience you create for your customers when they dine at your restaurant or taste your food. And when we say...
employees working at a restaurant

How to reach seamless restaurant operations?

Managing a restaurant is not a fun trip, although you might be enjoying what you’re keen of in hospitality sector. You must be in full...
Tips left at a coffee shop

Tips' structures and methods to follow at restaurants

Tipping has existed for as long as the hospitality sector existed. You enter a restaurant and when you have to pay the check, you...
Food packaged for delivery

Things to consider before starting delivery services at restaurants

Food delivery was almost the single service offered among the dining out options during the pandemic. Since then, the delivery sales...
employees at restaurants

What are the employee retention strategies you need to apply at restaurants?

Just like your customer retention strategies, you need employee retention strategies that enable you to keep your valuable staff and...
BIM POS back office

Is it time to change your restaurant POS software?

How is technology helping you with managing your business? Do you see that things are getting complicated? Are you spending too much...
inventory management at restaurants

What are the inventory management best practices for restaurants?

What makes most of the restaurant inventory? It’s certainly food items. Since these things are related to nutritive items and...
Food trends in 2023

What are the food trends expected in 2023?

The food sector has always carried both creativity and art and social media influencers and viral food videos have contributed a lot...