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different types of restaurants including fine dining

Your guide to the most common types of restaurants

If we wanted to look at the restaurant sector in today’s world and its different types, it’s kind of head-scratching. Recently many...
BIM Dispatcher used by an employee for online orders

How can BIM POS help you with thriving your online food services?

Welcome to the new era of hospitality sector! People are embracing the new dining options and restaurants are definitely responding to...
BIM POS participation about self-ordering kiosks

Join the webinar and learn about the latest software solutions

Can technology manage your operations and help you build a better entrepreneurship? It’s a definite yes. Can BIM POS support you in...
A waiter serving people at a restaurant

4 ways to improve customer service away from service table

We all remember these nights or days where we used to go to restaurants and gather the family to eat and share our stories and laughs...
A waiter serving customers at their table

How can automation help you through labor shortage and increased costs?

Supplies’ prices are increasing in the restaurant sector. Inflation is a big and serious issue for restaurant operators. Operating...
Food supply shortage and an employee carrying food boxes in the truck

Tips to deal with supply shortage at restaurants

The hospitality sector was greatly impacted by the pandemic and it continues to be impacted by any other economic or political...
POS software

6 signs you shouldn't ignore to change your POS

Your point-of-sale software is meant to facilitate your operations and enhance your performance on different levels. It is an...
Restaurant training manual

How to create an effective restaurant training manual?

Finding employees in the hospitality sector is an arduous task for restaurateurs. You need an employee who is committed to you and at...
a customer filling an online restaurant comment card

Best tips to improve customer comment cards

When it comes to restaurant dining experience, who sets the rules for what is good, bad or excellent? Who tells you if you’re doing...