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A quick service restaurant

What are the must have technology tools in a QSR?

Running a quick-service restaurant is not that simple and it’s not easier than full-service restaurants that offer full dining...
restaurant table setting

Setting S.M.A.R.T goals for your restaurant

With the first month of the new year, we’re all full of hopes for better days drawn by success and growth on all levels personal and...
Increasing restaurant sales

How to increase restaurant sales?

You already know that the restaurant sector has thin profit margins especially with the inflation and rising food costs all over the...
customers enjoying their time in a restaurant

What are top restaurant benchmarks to use to evaluate your performance?

Restaurant profitability can be measured on several metrics just like any other business. You need to understand how well your...
Attention wet floor sign at a restaurant

What are the main maintenance challenges faced at restaurants?

A typical day at a restaurant covers many aspects from inventory check, scheduling, monitoring the readiness and cleanliness of the...
A meeting with a restaurant manager and his staff

what are the skills of a good restaurant manager?

It’s always the hiring process that gives restaurateurs the most headache. We are talking here about people, dealing with people and...
menu pricing strategies

Menu pricing strategies and techniques to increase your profits

Out of the various ways to increase your profits especially amid increasing food prices or at least try to decrease your costs...
food online orders

Why should you choose online order over call-in orders?

Convenience remains the key to retaining customers and having repeat business besides the marvelous cuisine that attracts people to...
different types of restaurants including fine dining

Your guide to the most common types of restaurants

If we wanted to look at the restaurant sector in today’s world and its different types, it’s kind of head-scratching. Recently many...
BIM Dispatcher used by an employee for online orders

How can BIM POS help you with thriving your online food services?

Welcome to the new era of hospitality sector! People are embracing the new dining options and restaurants are definitely responding to...