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Tablets & Mobile POS Devices

Most of our software applications work on Windows-Powered Computers and our mobile solutions most of them is designed for iOS and some for Android devices. If you have your own hardware, then be our guest!



This technology comes in the form of a Mini iPad great for mobility. It is light and compact in size. These tablets are suitable for hostess, waiter, and customer use. They provide excellent resolution for any app and effortless access through a simple touch of a button or swipe of a screen. With the Mini iPad, users can better control and operate their workflow and process content.


  • Low budget

  • Light for easy portability

  • Robust



For rough working conditions that are both risky and require mobility, this Windows 8.1-enabled durable device is great. It is magnetic card reader enabled, has a barcode scanner with NFC compliance, and is compatible with VARIPOS POS Terminals. This device comes with a 10” screen and is both water and dust resistant.


  • Mobile POS device with the options of an all-in-one POS terminal
  • Rugged and robust
  • Long battery life
  • Intel ATOM and Windows enabled


This Windows Mobile enabled device is portable and resilient, designed for heavy-duty field work. It is convenient for carrying in one hand providing freedom and easy access. This device is suitable for use in supermarkets for quick price checking and physical inventory counts.


  • Robust: Rugged and heavy duty

  • Light and portable

  • Quick and easy inventory management

  • Barcode scanner

  • Handheld


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