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Having full control over your business, whether you have 1 branch or 100, is something you can easily achieve with BIM POS. With tens of applications and thousands of features customizable to your operation, it's never too late to make the switch!


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The App that Manages all others

This comprehensive Back Office program allows you to efficiently and accurately manage your business when it comes to products, users, work policies, production, pricing, purchasing, inventory, reporting and many more managerial tasks your business might have.


Is adaptable to any size business, providing advanced, encompassing features maximizing productivity


Can easily be integrated with 3rd party ERP applications, allowing comprehensive automation and management


Provides real-time information, keeping management constantly up-to-date


Contains all needed modules in one satisfying system, without the need for external programs


Allows the 'pain-pointing' of critical corners of a business, with a thorough analysis of hundreds of self-generated reports


Enables simplified decision making through minimal effort, allowing one to take quick decisive action.


More than 700 analytical reports are designed to make you Proactive and Decisive



Here are some distinctive features that our back end is equipped with

Our Back Office software is a comprehensive POS that is modular. This feature allows you to pick and choose what modules your business needs, and your price range allows. And, as your business grows, you are able to upgrade.

Any business, small and new or experienced and successful, can select the tailor made package that meets the needs and suits the current state of their enterprise.

BIM POS has the software that will satisfy and enrich any size venture, and motivate growth and efficiency in the most established businesses.

Our Back Office software consists of multiple modules customized with advanced management workflows, for all businesses, both small and multi-chain enterprises.

You can sketch personalized workflows that respect your chain of command, ensuring system users abide by and follow. For example, you can restrict the supplier from receiving an invoice if no purchase order was made, or no price modification takes place if it is not pre-approved by the franchise, or even no EOD is carried out when a scheduled physical inventory count has not been completed.

This flexible feature creates a smoother and supervised flow of action, minimizing error or theft.

Our 3000+ system features are all customized to be able to grant authority based on preferences. This allows specific positions to have access to certain features while denying other users, for security and regulation. It controls and manages the use of the features and monitors specified tasks. It allows a bar manager, for example, to be the only one with access to serve rare and high-end alcohol so that when a valued customer orders such a drink, they are served by the manager with the attention they deserve.

With this feature, the system is able to run in a secure and organized manner, providing exceptional service and a controlled environment.

Allow yourself to rest assured of all the goings-on of your business without having to constantly inquire and be involved in the daily tasks of your staff. With this feature, business owners can now receive updating alerts, personalized based on their preferences.

With a simple one-time scheduling, you can receive notifications of any tasks carried out, such as critical alerts being received on user voids, EOD, or even a customer count or complaint. By SMS or through email, one can be remotely kept up-to-date on an hourly or daily basis, allowing you to keep a close eye on your business without being on site. This feature also forwards reports to a list of recipients, or passes information to the accounting department in a more timely fashion.

Simply scheduling and personalizing the alerts and reports once, can make managing and keeping track of your business smoother and more consistent.

You no longer need to share your customer information and personal data with a third party to be able to connect with your clients.

The Back Office module consists of client communication tools that allow you to connect with your customers in a click of a button through the system. You can send personalized SMS and/or emails, sharing your restaurant menu, price list, or daily specials. This feature allows you to both protect your contact information as well as save the time and effort you’d need to do it with an external provider.

Taking into consideration the many technological appliances and machinery an operating business might have, all BIM POS applications are compatible with the hardware.

Our software allows printer management, scales, customer displays and such, to be all very easily configured and administered. You can put preventive measures to auto direct printers based on preference or in case of the failure of one. You can replace any weighing scale with another effortlessly, without our intervention.

This system allows your equipment to run smoothly, and meet your needs especially during stressful times when you need it to keep up with you on the spot.

Complaints about stock taking in busy operation businesses or 24/7 outlets has become a thing of the past!

Now with BIM POS Back Office, you can take as many inventories as you like without completely closing your business, or interfering with your daily operations and putting anything on hold.

This feature allows you to stock check and record your supply without interrupting other parts of your business through unique and state of the art technology. The BIM pocket device very easily allows your staff to take online stock counts while you are operating. (Read more about this device)

This feature allows you to log, track, and share an unlimited range of nested recipes and related tasks. With a simple and accurate system, your kitchen will run smoothly and efficiently.

It can contain an unlimited number of recipes and sub-recipes, while tracking stock depletion in real-time. This allows your kitchen stock to be always up-to-date, for quicker more efficient service. The system also takes care of cost measurement and analysis, saving you time and money.

With this feature, production management has become an easy task.

This must-have tool is essential for a business’ success. Only by thoroughly tracking and investigating what your customers like, what are best seller items on your menu, and what is most popular, and then analyzing this information, will you be able to figure out a menu that will yield greater profit.

This feature does it all for you. Instead of going through this time-consuming and laborious task, Menu Engineering simply studies your customers at any time and generates a report allowing you to maximize your profits and construct a menu fit to meet your success. (Click here to see how important Menu Engineering is).

There is no need to monitor your purchasing officer anymore, because this feature generates purchase orders automatically.

By minimizing human intervention, and allowing for less human error, you can now make accurate and timely orders. It automatically tracks preorder levels at a specific time and makes a PO accordingly. This feature minimizes error, allowing orders to be accurate and always on time.


Some of our multi branch customers


In any successful business, there are 3 components that need to be covered: People, processes, and systems. With BIM POS we tackle two of them with great ease. Their Back Office is very decisive, their POS easy-to-use, and their support is exceptional. Besides all of that, the company is innovative and lead the market with their top-wining features. I fully recommend!

Khuder Shamieh: Owner, Shawarma W Saj

Our story with BIM POS is very special. Their software is comprehensive, detailed, and decisive. It is easily customizable and can accommodate to our needs. Regardless of their wide and detailed software, when someone mentions BIM POS, the first thing that comes to mind is their customer service which is amazingly 24/7. Ever since I started working with them, I have never had a negative comment, it’s always positive. I keep saying over and over again, their family-like customer service is excellent and it had a real impact on Keyrouz Bakery.

Abir Keyrouz, Owner, Keyrouz Bakery