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Retail Point of Sale Solution

The BIM POS STORCheck POS is Fast and Straightforward. It is ideal for Retail businesses looking to integrate an easy-to-use system that is adaptable and allows all tasks to be carried out in real time, both efficiently and accurately.




Has the option of using a touchscreen and barcode system all in one.


Allows live stock updates and inventory tracking to be available all the time.

Easy to Use

Has a user-friendly and straightforward interface.

Smart Cash Drawer for Supermarkets

A smart or intelligent cash drawer is a special hardware innovated and developed uniquely by technology experts to prevent employee theft in retail and quick service operations by 78%.



Now you can sell your products online with great ease. By simply integrating BIM POS STORCheck with online e-commerce websites, you can have your online store setup and ready to sell.

This feature is very easy and requires no extra effort on your part. There are no additional jobs or tasks needed to maintain the same information you would put on two platforms. Our STORCheck will automatically update your product when it is logged in once, allowing you to focus on your real-life store, while your virtual store does its own upkeep.

For the unity and efficiency of a multi-branch business, this feature allows you to maintain an easy and quick transfer of retail from one place to another.

Branches can transfer items between them, for more convenient selling and faster inventory turnover. With this feature, you can share stock, relocate items for more exposure or to meet a demand, and allow your business to take advantage of every selling opportunity.

This feature allows you to be up-to-date with the social aspect of the 21st century, making sure that all communication lines are always open, for maximum efficiency.

It provides a new and improved messaging system which connects users and branches. This option makes contact between employees smoother and between branches quicker. All messaging taking place through the system ensures everything is being recorded and tracked, or even shared and more quickly spread. This vital feature can help keep all your staff up-to-date with the latest news, reminders, or allow a line of communication that is safe and secure.

The POS is customized to retailers so that it meets the unique needs of the business.

This flexible feature provides a 2-dimensional array option per item to define color and size, shape and pack, or any other variable. It makes the process of ordering and selling much easier. It allows you to simply assign what 2 dimensions you wish to categorize your stock as and then the system takes care of the rest.

Now with the click of a button, the feature allows your staff to reassure a customer about the availability of a particular item of clothing in their size or preferred color, in their branch or perhaps another.

There is no need to wait till the next day, or even the end of the day to be able to carry out a stock check anymore, nor do you need to close down your store to do so.

With this efficient feature, your stock will be updated in real-time, throughout the day while your business is running, without any interruptions. Stock between branches is also accessible and up-to-date in real-time, so that you can cater to your customers quickly, allowing you to track and upsell from any store.

The best retail stores cater to the gift-giving business through gift vouchers. This system allows you to keep up with this trend with a click of a button.

This quick and easy feature provides an array of gift voucher options and prints them off, leaving very little for you to do.

Be up-to-date with the trend of providing loyalty programs. 

Give your customers the opportunity to gather points or collect punches when buying one of your products. This easy feature can track and reward your customers without any extra effort on your part. Customers can even see their balance on a mobile app in real-time fashion.

We cater to a globalized clientele and so we know that your workplace might contain people from around the world, helping to enrich your business. This feature makes sure to adapt to your universal employees, who might speak different languages.

The Multi-Lingual feature allows the interface to be displayed in the language that each employee is most comfortable with, with just a swipe of a card. You don’t need to worry about your members of staff speaking different languages, when each can use the same system in their own language that comes into display as soon as they sign in.


What differentiates BIM POS from other software, is that it's very customized to the workflow of a supermarket on all levels. They have combined the needs of all hospitality businesses into a single all-in-one solution. They always introduce innovative features that never crosses our minds. Their system is easy, comprehensive, and flexible. I recommend BIM POS to everyone because it is reliable and practical.

New Foodies Supermarket

BIM POS helped me in managing my store from A to Z; from the retail operations to the stock, clients, and accounting. Their software is user friendly and has a lot of features that help me have full control over my business. I recommend all retail merchants to implement BIM POS not only for the unique features that the software has, but also for the exceptional support and the support team that the company has.

Joe Hayeck - Owner, The Merchant of Venice
What our customers say about us

One of the things I'd like to highlight is the importance of customizing BIM POS to the needs of my business. I didn't have a ground expertise in the field when we started our business; the software and the team helped me in managing the day-to-day operation providing us analytical reports showing on what to focus. The team of BIM POS is very dedicated and professional in regards to support and training. I totally recommend!

Sabine Kassouf - Owner, A New Earth