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BIM POS Masterdine

The BIM POS Masterdine POS is Smart and Simple. It contains all you need for your staff to use and train on with ease. It also has smart and adaptable features which are customer oriented, ensuring business security and safety.



Highly Secure

Is theft proof and contains an impenetrable Black Box

Customer Centric

Has easy client maneuvering, understanding, & analyzing tools


Contains hundreds of POS features customizable to your business


Has intelligent revenue yielding tools

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Our customers don't just love us for the products we supply, the technology we provide, the exceptional support we offer. They love us for the audacious promise we gave since the beginning and kept until today. They just value the whole experience.



Do you have an issue with being informed about any complaints or suggestions your customers might have? Have their comments been unrecorded, untracked, or simply unresolved? This feature allows you to log and resolve any suggestions or complaints your loyal customers might want to voice.

BIM POS Masterdine records all complaints and automatically forwards them to the appropriate people who can take action. This ensures that staff are able to see and be reminded of the comments the next time they are serving the customer, providing better service and attention.

Managing staff time and attendance can be time consuming and allow human error, which will cost you your business. This feature can provide you with a well-structured and infallible schedule that is tracked from employee to payroll.

You can merge your staff’s time and attendance, with registered breaks per schedule. This can then be linked to a mini payroll system that will do all the calculation work for you, allowing you to observe the efficiency of your employees while making sure to pay them with accuracy, without any effort on your part

We understand the importance of security and minimal risk, and our system puts to rest any concerns with an installed Black Box.

Like an airplane’s Black Box, you can trace any change carried out through the system. You can track changes from product creation, item price change, password change, item void, exiting the system, cash drawer opening on no sale, to list a few. In addition, the system can be customized to set alerts sent by email or SMS for any particular transaction you wish to monitor.

The system is multi-lingual, and capable of being adapted per user or per restaurant. This allows all members of staff to use the software comfortably and clearly.

With the swipe of a card or fingerprint touch, the BIM POS Masterdine Interface can change language based on the assigned user setting. This ensures the reduction of any hassle in a varied work environment with a mixed ethnic workforce, making sure anyone can be able to use it.

Be up-to-date with the trend of providing loyalty programs. Give your customers the opportunity to gather points or collect punches when ordering a cup of coffee for example. This easy feature can track and reward your customers without any extra effort on your part. Customers can even see their balance on a mobile app in real-time fashion.

Allow your customers to be able to track their delivery orders simply upon placing one.

With this unique feature, they can be notified when the restaurant receives their order to when the driver has left the restaurant without the hassle of installing an app. Customers can also track their driver on a map, with the option of communicating with them.

One of the most challenging tasks that restaurants with a variable meal schedule face is changing their specials daily, weekly, and monthly.

Our Masterdine POS will automatically show staff what meals or specials the chef is servicing on the day, without having to ask. Moreover, with this option you can send your clients your weekly, monthly, and quarterly menu with just a click of a button through email or even SMS.

This smart option is a revenue source where waiters, cashiers, or delivery phone operators have the magic tool that allows them to upsell customers without someone telling them to.

This intelligent feature learns the buying patterns of clients and upsells other customers with similar suggestions to buy, for example a side product, appetizer, drink, or even modify based on what others have ordered.

Forget about constantly having to remind your staff not to forget to upsell or upgrade meals too. This feature will do it for you, and ensure the generation of more revenue.

The software detects and records the likes and dislikes of a client without the need to ask them. The smart library learns the buying patterns and preferences of the client so that the next time they order their favorite classical burger, the system automatically suggests if they want it with extra onion and no pickles like they did last time.

This easy-to-use feature does all the memory work for you, making sure your customer feels they are top priority and well catered to.

What’s the use of a POS if it doesn’t have inventory, and how much more if it’s not real-time?

Real-time depletion of ingredients and recipes make it a great way to keep track of what items will be out of stock soon and which items need to be preordered, making it all operationally easy to audit. During operation inventory, theft and mismanagement can be very easily pin-pointed and tracked.

This unique feature helps auditors and operation managers spot check any item during operation without the need to stop the business for physical inventories.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Today, after more than 14 years, I personally consider the decision I made back then as one of the best initiatives that enhanced my business. We wanted a customized software with constant updates, minimal troubleshooting, and exceptional after-sale service. And that is what we got! The BIM POS team always has time for you, and that is among the things we appreciate the most. They never neglect nor postpone anything related to the software no matter the size of your problem. Thank you and best of luck!

Amin Younes - Owner, Cafe Younes
What Our Customers Say About Us

Our story with BIM POS is very special. Their software is comprehensive, detailed, and decisive. It is easily customizable and can accommodate to our needs. Regardless of their wide and detailed software, when someone mentions BIM POS, the first thing that comes to mind is their customer service which is amazingly 24/7. Ever since I started working with them, I have never had a negative comment, it’s always positive. I keep saying over and over again, their family-like customer service is excellent and it had a real impact on Keyrouz Bakery.

Abir Keyrouz, Owner, Keyrouz Bakery
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