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Accounting & Finance Software

BIM CALC provides both solid and convenient accounting by managing the financials of a business from A to Z, including income, expenses, and taxing, and it is incorporated with all other BIM POS applications (BIM Back Office, BIM Masterdine, BIM STORCheck, etc.)


In-store accounting provides 56% more visibility than out-store


What you get


Cuts your time by half by consolidating all financials into one system and simplifying redundant work


Provides an inbuilt system that is fully incorporated within the management software


Delivers holistic insight to your accounting, displaying immediate and updated figures and states


Features you don't find elsewhere

BIM CALC allows any company, of any size and shape to personalize the software to its needs.

Businesses are able to create multiple companies, manage multiple branches as well as different cost centers in a multicurrency system all from one application. This saves time and effort that you would spend organizing and supervising, and allows you to easily manage your business from one source.

BIM CALC provides you with all the intricate accounting management your business needs within a single integrated software, saving you from the inconvenience of having multiple programs.

To be able to manage the financials of several departments, BIM CALC provides a sophisticated module that eases the task and ensures accuracy.

This intricate module enables accurate and clear cost definition between departments. It is based on predefined distributing fees and ratios and allows you to pin point strength and weakness, for better revenue assessment.

Find out which department is yielding most profit and identify which needs closer monitoring of financial expenditure through this highly complex and integrated software.

We are aware that accounting is a very delicate matter and needs to be carefully dealt with. This system allows you to set restrictions on and monitor access for security and control.

You can assign which users can access which periods, which companies, and what reports, so as to provide confidentiality of information and a secure environment. Trainees, for example, also have a feature where a manager can approve records after being entered for financial submittal.

With this authority enforcing feature, you will be able to keep a close eye on your accounting system and ensure it runs smoothly and securely.

BIM CALC comes with the convenience of creating automatic voucher templates.

These automatic voucher templates can be formed to save on a great deal of time spent remembering, tracking, and reformulating previous vouchers. They can be used for electricity bills, weekly charges, payment deposits, expenses that frequently recur, and many more.

By simply putting in the information you require, the system creates a suitable voucher without any complication or time consumption.

This feature ensures that ALL accounting matters are taken care of, even your taxes.

It comes with predefined VAT posting and VAT submittal vouchers for easy and quick entry. All you have to do is put in your data and the system takes care of all the calculation and processing, to make sure that your taxes are accurate and monitored.

With this VAT-friendly system, you can rest assured that your business financials can be processed with less time and effort.

The BIM CALC application collects and processes all the financial information from different franchises and branches that your business produces, and displays them for your benefit. It generates sophisticated reports, such as P&L (Profit and Loss) and balance sheets that can help you to assess and strategize for the success of your business with a single click of a button. These reports are also customizable to your preferences and can be designed in formats that best suit you and your business.

There is no need for you to waste time on collecting data and generating reports, when with BIM CALC you can simply focus on the important task of making the corporate decisions, and let us do all the legwork.


BIM POS software has distinctive options that are easy to use. We employ elderly people and this was a challenge in choosing our software. We looked for options that can easily allow the team to send quotations, change prices on the go, update information between outlets and more. I recommend any business with sophisticated business needs to implement BIM POS.

Elie Beainy, Operations Manager of Mr. Vincent Catering services
Why Choose BIM POS

BIM POS resolved the major challenges of running a busy multi-unit Cafeteria at universities. We wanted a software where the team should serve the load of students and the rush in a very fast service environment. BIM POS speeded up the process from the time of order, till preparation and service. In the Back of house operation the real-time inventory of the software gave us a better insight on what to order and purchase.

Ali Fahes, Operation Manager of Food Lab multi-unit chain