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AI in restaurants

Different ways in which artificial intelligence can help restaurants

You go to a restaurant and only see robots ready to serve you. The food is prepared by robots who are well-programmed to cook your...
Multi-chain restaurants

Challenges of running a multi-chain restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you must know how hard it is to handle one with multiple operations. With a single outlet, you aim to open...
employees working at a restaurant

How to reach seamless restaurant operations?

Managing a restaurant is not a fun trip, although you might be enjoying what you’re keen of in hospitality sector. You must be in full...
BIM POS back office

Is it time to change your restaurant POS software?

How is technology helping you with managing your business? Do you see that things are getting complicated? Are you spending too much...
A quick service restaurant

What are the must have technology tools in a QSR?

Running a quick-service restaurant is not that simple and it’s not easier than full-service restaurants that offer full dining...
food online orders

Why should you choose online order over call-in orders?

Convenience remains the key to retaining customers and having repeat business besides the marvelous cuisine that attracts people to...
BIM Dispatcher used by an employee for online orders

How can BIM POS help you with thriving your online food services?

Welcome to the new era of hospitality sector! People are embracing the new dining options and restaurants are definitely responding to...
BIM POS participation about self-ordering kiosks

Join the webinar and learn about the latest software solutions

Can technology manage your operations and help you build a better entrepreneurship? It’s a definite yes. Can BIM POS support you in...
A waiter serving customers at their table

How can automation help you through labor shortage and increased costs?

Supplies’ prices are increasing in the restaurant sector. Inflation is a big and serious issue for restaurant operators. Operating...
POS software

6 signs you shouldn't ignore to change your POS

Your point-of-sale software is meant to facilitate your operations and enhance your performance on different levels. It is an...