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BIM Dispatcher used by an employee for online orders

How can BIM POS help you with thriving your online food services?

Welcome to the new era of hospitality sector! People are embracing the new dining options and restaurants are definitely responding to...
BIM POS participation about self-ordering kiosks

Join the webinar and learn about the latest software solutions

Can technology manage your operations and help you build a better entrepreneurship? It’s a definite yes. Can BIM POS support you in...
A waiter serving customers at their table

How can automation help you through labor shortage and increased costs?

Supplies’ prices are increasing in the restaurant sector. Inflation is a big and serious issue for restaurant operators. Operating...
POS software

6 signs you shouldn't ignore to change your POS

Your point-of-sale software is meant to facilitate your operations and enhance your performance on different levels. It is an...
GITEX 2022 in UAE

The thriving presence of BIM POS in GITEX, Dubai

With a distinguish presence in GITEX, the annual enterprise and global digital transformation event that took place in Dubai, United...
A picture of a chef writing the instructions of his recipes with the ingredients

Why do you need a recipe management feature for your restaurant?

Is there anything more important in restaurants than the recipe of their food? Restaurateurs experience issues of consistency of their...
A warehouse employee performing inventory counting

Live inventory management system to increase the efficiency of your operations

Stock count is an integral part of business operations. Depending on the business industry or type, stock counting might occur on a...
menu design

The key to a winning menu: profitability and popularity

Looking for ways to increase your profits and profitability is something normal especially after what the restaurant sector has...
POS reports for retail business daily sales reports

Top retail POS reports that you need to monitor

With all the unpredictable incidents that surround our world, business owners have to rely on quantitative data to make their...
A waiter taking the order from the customer on a tablet

5 restaurant technology trends to shape our world

Restaurant sector hasn’t been the fastest in adopting technology trends but in the recent years and especially after the spreading of...