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24/7 Support

Since the inception of BIM POS, we made a challenging promise to constantly deliver. We remain committed to this assurance, day or night, for days to come. Unrivaled in the region, we pride ourself for being the first company that supports our clients in Software and Hardware. Our support is available around the clock, and focused into one support center ready to resolve all issues relating to any part of your business, saving you the stress of calling different companies to solve the same problem.

We are aware that most businesses open when others close, especially those of the hospitality industry. And because we have customers on all continents, we expand and adapt our working hours to suit our customers’ needs, wherever they may be. We are accessible by phone, through the internet (remotely), or by visiting, to ensure that your business doesn’t stop and recovers in the least time possible. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

While you are focused on achieving the success of your business, our job is to make your life easier. BIM POS delivers peace of mind, while our team passionately works to maintain the satisfaction of our customers, anytime, any day, and anywhere.


End-to-End Implementation

We are not simply software sellers. We are solution providers.

We will accompany you from the onset of your vision, through the drawings, the plans, the equipment installation, software implementation, and comprehensive training of your staff. We will support you all the way till we have ensured that the best strategy for your business has been implemented.

Our implementation services include the complete setup of a tailored software and hardware system, as well as consultation and expert input on the best strategy for your particular business, so as to increase its chances of success.

It doesn’t stop there. Our experts will recommend all needed modules and applications to allow your business to become unique and scale up. It is up to you to only envision what the potential of your business can be, and depend on us to implement and make it happen.


Back Office Management

Spending hours and sometimes days organizing your paperwork and carrying out mundane tasks will keep you from making your dream business a reality. Hiring the appropriate and qualified people to assist you in those tasks will be costly and stressful.

Who better to manage your system than the providers themselves, who know every feature of the software, and are able to tailor it to meet your business needs. BIM POS can help you manage the complete back office system including, but not limited to, setting up items, managing recipes, entering invoices, engineering your menu, updating your system, and generating reports. We can go as far as sending you a professional accountant to help you organize your finances and make sure you’re running your business efficiently with the most revenue.

BIM POS believes in allowing you to focus on managing your business, without wasting your time and attention on daily tasks that we can sort out for you. We provide professional and trustworthy service that is based on expertise, and served with a personalized touch to suit your unique requests.


Consultancy & Auditing

After compiling mounds of data from back office processing, you might question all the time and effort spent doing so, and then feel overwhelmed with what to do with all of it. Our consultancy and audit service can assist you to make use of this data for the benefit of your business.

Once all the data has been collected, processing this information can be arduous. Instead of wasting valuable time, BIM POS can provide professional advice and financial assessment to build your business up and enhance potential weak points. This service compliments our back office support, allowing you to take advantage of every aspect of your system for greater revenue and more accurately audited finances.

With our expert consultants and professional auditors, we can manage your numbers and make them work for your benefit. We can advise on strategies and best ways to better manage your ins and outs. We can consult on reports generated, for optimal use of any assessment. Our experts can make sure you are on the right track to making your business reach its maximum potential.