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Contact-less Digital Menu

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our contact-less digital menu feature makes your customers' dining experience safer and better. Let your customers scan your menu through their smartphone.

This product works with any point-of-sale software from the most basic to BIM POS. 

Clean and Safe

is contact-less so that everyone stays safe including your team and the clients. Customers surf the menu on their own smartphone.

For all Mobiles

Responsive and Clear Menu. Displays the menu very clearly and in large-scale on all mobile phones without app installation.

Cost Efficient

Since it's connected to the POS software, your menu will remain up-to-date all the time and will allow you save on printout costs.

Contact-less digital menu for restaurants through QR Code. scan and order for restaurant menu

Contact-less digital menu

Our Contactless Digital Menu feature is a simple Restaurant menu for customers that works on their mobile smart phone.  It doesn't require any app installation. 


It allows Restaurant's customers to scan the QR code and see your restaurant's menu without having to touch your paper menu.


Fully connected with our other BIM POS applications such as the Point of sale and Back Office, this contact-less digital menu makes your customers' experience better and safer.


If you are a BIM POS user, you won't have to update prices or create dual entries on many systems, this simple digital menu reads directly from the restaurant's server allowing the prices and products menu uniform.


But if you have another point of sale software, this contact-less digital menu can be your savior as well. It works for other software applications as well. 


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