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Hardware - POS


All-in-one Color Customized

These all-in-one POS terminals are industrial, heavy-duty machines that are tailored to the look and spirit of your store’s décor. Unlike regular POS terminals, these machines greatly stand out from the competition. These devices are reliable with a 2-year warranty, and are fashionable and provocative.


  • Superior performance: LED, fan-less, aluminum housing, dual core i3, i5, i7
  • Robust: true flat, PCT touch screen, spill proof, dust proof
  • Stylish: body and peripherals customized by color, hidden cable management

All-in-one Classical

These AIO POS terminals are industrial, heavy-duty technology, available in elegant, classical colors. They support all of the integrated peripherals including fingerprint readers, iButton, RFID, magnetic card readers, and customer display.


  • Robust: fan-less, spill proof, dust proof
  • High performance: aluminum housing, fan-less, Intel ATOM processor
  • Timeless: come only in shades of black

All-in-one Cost Saver

If you are looking for a POS terminal that simply does the job without worrying about appearances or extensive budgets, then this option is for you. These devices come with a compact screen size and in the form of a basic, unembellished exterior. They are available as either counter top or wall mounted.


  • Low budget: cost-friendly while keeping quality functionality
  • Compact: screen size is suitable for limited spaces
  • Practical: suitable for a simplistic workplace

Pc And Touchscreen

For situations that do not require intricate design or care for appearance, there is the option of a regular PC that comes in a compact form along with a heavy-duty touch screen. This two-piece solution is suitable for back office implementations like delivery and call center workstations.


  • Cost efficient
  • Hardware - POS