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Reducing costs to increase profitability

How to decrease your operating expenses?


If you’re looking to decrease your operating costs and expenses, then you’re not alone.


All businesses are looking...

Employee turnover rate, importance of employee turnover rate

Why is employee turnover rate significant and how do you read it?


Staffing might be one of the most important tasks yet one of the hardest and most critical one. 


You take time to...

A cashier doing her job and waiting for customers to check out

What is a hybrid POS and why do you need to have one?


Technology is moving so fast in a way that best serves its users for more efficiency and better performance.



A waitress using the reservation software to make table reservations

Why do you need a reservation software at your restaurant?


Finally, restrictions are being gradually lifted and more businesses are reopening and ready to serve customers at their premises,...

A waitress using restaurant POS

Why do you need a restaurant POS and not a retail POS for your restaurant?


One of the critical decisions to make for your business is choosing a POS system.


You have a lot of options in the...

Anthony Rahayel, founder of no garlic mo onions in one of his visits.

For the love of food, an interview with Anthony Rahayel!


Who doesn’t love food?


We all sure do and we all recall moments where we drooled over an instagram picture for a...

improve operations from fair to great using technology and with the effort of employees

The ultimate ways to improve your restaurant’s operations today!


If we take a look at the restaurant industry 3 or 4 years ago, we would notice the massive changes that occurred in the industry....