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Managing and Analyzing your branches from a central location is just a click away

Multi-Outlet & Franchise

BIM Syncher is an intelligent, one of a kind software that centralizes and exchanges data between outlets and multi-concept businesses automatically without any human intervention via basic internet connectivity. This is most suitable for businesses with multiple brands, concepts, branches, franchises who seek unmanned solutions available on the spot.


Syncs data on the cloud in a real-time fashion, ensuring continuity of communication


Consolidates data and maintains uniformity between outlets for clearer reporting and analytics


Sets up new franchises and branches in a simple, time saving fashion


With BIM Syncher, setting up a business or new branch has become as easy as answering 50 questions.

Through this simple, yet carefully constructed process, your outlet can be franchised and become branch-friendly while being set up in less than an hour. Establishing a new branch is no longer a time consuming burden that eats away from time you should be spending elsewhere. BIM Syncher allows you to save this time and unnecessary effort that can be better spent running your newly setup business.

BIM Syncher is suitable for franchises, self-managing branches, or multi-concept businesses that seek uniformity and convenience among their different divisions.

With flexible managing strategies, setting business policies and operation rules for each outlet becomes a very easy task. This application allows you to control and decide who manages what and how. After that, the system runs this predesigned process automatically. It provides different modes to suit the managerial needs of your business and ensures the smooth running of your multi-branch/franchise business.

BIM Syncher syncs data online live or when connectivity is found through any basic internet connection or intranet. Unlike other solutions, it won't stop operating even when the connection is hindered.

It simply preserves the data, and resumes data exchange once the connection is back. This allows your business to be up to date and synchronized, regardless of internet issues or any other connection disruptions that might occur.


We are impressed with the ability of BIM POS to cater to all our business needs and provide us with the most adequate reports to efficiently manage our wide range of businesses. What impressed us the most is the outstanding BIM POS customer service. We are very pleased with the quality of services and products delivered by their friendly and very professional team. It all started 9 years ago, and today, we thank you, BIMPOS, and look forward to growing more solidly together.

Ghassan Bou Habib, VP Sales & Marketing Wooden Bakery Worldwide

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