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Self Ordering Terminals Increase Sales by 29%

Self-Ordering Kiosk

A self guided terminal for QSR enabling customers to place orders seamlessly without the hassle of waiting in queues.



Saves costs of labor

Fast & Easy

Decreases wait time with simple few taps


Autonomous orders & Additional Revenue Channel


Upscale your brand in highly competitive markets

Self Ordering Kiosk Software Abstract

Operational Convenience

  • Customers can order and pay at their convenience
  • Customers can customize their orders by add-on suggestions autonomously directly from the terminal, enhancing order accuracy
  • Customers can pay in cash or by non-cash payment card
  • Software is linked directly to the point of sale & Kitchen Display Screens of the Restaurant 
  • Customers are notified when their order is ready through our QMS (Queue Management Software) application
  • Wait times are drastically decreased and service optimized
Fully Integrated software abstract BIM POS Self ordering kiosk

Fully Integrated

  • The SOK is fully integrated with the point of sale and Kitchen Display software
  • Can be integrated with the CRM and Loyalty Program of the Restaurant
  • Can be interactive to ask the client their RFID loyalty card, mobile number or create a new profile to tailor the customer’s preferences accordingly ensuring a customized customer service
  • Can upsell through suggesting more personalized options based on Artificial Intelligence


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