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restaurant POS

Choosing the right POS software for your business growth

Can you even upscale your business these days whether in the hospitality sector or in the retail industry without having a POS...
POS software by BIM POS in retail shops

How are POS solutions transforming the retail industry

It’s a fast-paced and technology-driven world. We live in the era of digital transformation that is impacting all businesses. Point of...
An employee serving people in a food truck business

Your guide to start a successful food truck business

It’s summertime and everybody becomes more outgoing and more active. Events and festivals become more recurrent in outdoor areas. We...
sorry we're closed sign on a restaurant to indicate restaurant failure

Why do restaurants fail their first year of business?

When you open a business, you usually aim for success and growth. While opening a restaurant seems like an easy business if you have a...
a fully occupied restaurant

Maximizing Occupancy and Profitability in Restaurants: A Winning Strategy

There are always new challenges facing restaurant operators. If it’s not a virus that invades the world and forces restaurants to shut...
How to conduct a competitive analysis for restaurants?

How to conduct an effective competitive analysis for your restaurant?

As a restaurateur, you probably learn about opening new restaurants almost on a monthly basis if we don’t want to say even more...
find your restaurant target market: customers are gathering at a restaurant

How and why to find your restaurant target market?

Are you opening a new restaurant? Or maybe you already own a restaurant but you need to work on growing your market or changing your...
back office management BIM POS

Is it the time to upgrade your business POS software?

You are in trouble if the POS software you chose for your business isn’t helping you grow on many levels. Growing your business,...
how to run a restaurant successfully

How to run your restaurant successfully?

What a dynamic sector you got yourself into! Restaurants are a lucrative business but it always comes with a lot of challenges...