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employees working at a restaurant to improve the operations

5 effective tips to improve restaurant operation management

Your restaurant depends on multiple processes to run seamlessly. Undoubtedly, people visit you for your impeccable food and lovely...
A picture of Gen Z customer taking a selfie while eating

Generation Z eating habits and most common food trends

Accounted for 32% of the population in the world, Gen Z (the demographic born between 1996 and 2010) is affecting the restaurant...
Automated email marketing for restaurants

Benefits of email marketing campaigns for restaurants

With thousands of restaurants, standing out among competitors is not easy and takes lots of effort even if you own one of the biggest...
Increase restaurant customer engagement: a bartender holding a sign

Tips to enhance restaurant customer engagement

You are looking for a sustainable business and there are multiple ways to do it but a key factor is creating customer engagement. With...
AI in restaurants

Different ways in which artificial intelligence can help restaurants

You go to a restaurant and only see robots ready to serve you. The food is prepared by robots who are well-programmed to cook your...
Multi chain restaurants

Challenges of running a multi-chain restaurant

If you own a restaurant, you must know how hard it is to handle one with multiple operations. With a single outlet, you aim to open...
empty restaurants during economic uncertainty

Strategies to follow during economic uncertainty to maintain your profits

Many businesses are suffering now from rising costs and economic uncertainty. Restaurants' economic struggles are also visible due to...
Inventory management

Inventory management terms you should know at restaurants

Inventory management and control are important pillars in managing restaurants. Although, it’s not the task restaurateurs wish to...
Chart of accounts

what is the restaurant chart of accounts and why is it important?

Any restaurant or business owner in general should be familiar with chart of accounts especially that at the end, you need to measure...