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cash flow management

Mastering Cash Flow Management for Restaurants for your Success

Running a successful restaurant requires a lot of patience, hard work, and strategic planning. It also demands effective cash flow...
Chart of accounts

what is the restaurant chart of accounts and why is it important?

Any restaurant or business owner in general should be familiar with chart of accounts especially that at the end, you need to measure...
Key performance indicators at restaurant

Key performance indicators to monitor at your restaurant

Employee’s performance is measurable and so is success and business’ performance. The business force is driven by data that gives you...
An employee holding a calculator and calculating costs.

What are the different inventory costing methods?

The success of your business depends on delivering quality products to your customers. The profitability of your business depends on...
A fine dining restaurant menu

How to price menu items and maximize your profits?

You are running your business for profits. It’s plain and simple. Nobody bothers to open a business regardless of the nature of this...
Employees at a restaurant working and serving guests

Reduce your labor cost percentage with these tips

Labor issues in restaurant sectors are at the heart of restaurant owners’ concerns. Restaurant owners struggle to find the skilled...
BIM POS simplified tax invoice with QR code for KSA

BIM POS implements QR code in their POS for e-invoices for KSA

Abiding by the mandatory law in KSA to have a QR code on all e-invoices (Al Fatoora) by the 4th of December, BIM POS has successfully...
A menu for a restaurant

Menu designing tips and techniques that maximize your profits effortlessly

When it comes to selling, needless to say you need to make profits for your pocket or you wouldn’t even bother. Restaurants sell their...
open a new business

Do you want to kickstart your new business?

You’re fighting your own thoughts; many ideas are crossing your mind! You have a small capital and you’re looking for a small business...
Increasing the revenues of your business

Increasing revenues, the fun part of your valuable business!

You work hard to set your business on track, generate revenues and reduce your costs. With everything that goes around your business,...