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chefs working in a restaurant

How to choose the best restaurant software for your back-of-house operations?

Behind the scenes, managing the back of the house of your restaurant efficiently is crucial to ensure smooth operations, deliver...
QR code menus

Why do restaurants need to implement a QR code menu?

Who would’ve thought that one day, paper menus would be ditched and replaced by a QR code that is accessible without any app? Staying...
fast food picture

The art of mastering multi-chain restaurant management

How many times have you heard that a certain restaurant location has better customer service than the other? Or offer a better food...
An employee working remotely from a restaurant

How does remote work impact the restaurant sector?

What beats the comfort of having your favorite food delivered to your doorsteps effortlessly? Nothing maybe except for the comfort of...
restaurant expansion

When is it the right time for your restaurant expansion?

You may start your first restaurant hoping for your new venture to survive the first year. But after reaching a consistent and solid...
customers eating at a restaurant

How can understanding restaurant demographics boost sales?

Running a successful restaurant goes beyond just serving delicious food; it's about creating an experience that resonates with your...
bakeries display

Effective business tips for running your bakery

The aroma of freshly baked bread, the allure of sweet pastries brings lots of memories. Running a bakery is a dream come true for many...
Key elements in a restaurant business plan

What are the elements of a successful restaurant business plan?

The world is emerging from the challenges of the past years, starting a restaurant requires careful planning and execution to succeed...
menu pricing strategies: a waiter helping a customer with the menu

Different menu pricing strategies that boost profitability

Opening a new restaurant is an exciting venture, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Among the most critical...