enhance customer loyalty with online orders

Enhance your customer loyalty through online ordering

By Nadine Hashem

Almost everything in our lives has become technology based. We are fulfilling most of our needs remotely from the comfort of our homes.



This is the definition of convenience by all means.


Should we like it?



You may not.


But should we benefit from it?






As a service provider or as a consumer, we should all benefit from the online world.



And let’s face it, the online order business has recently bloomed and it will continue to bloom.


Customers now expect convenient delivery options to their doorstep while you can increase your revenues, enhance their loyalty and gain higher visibility.



Providing online food ordering has proven its efficacy in increasing revenues and profits enhancing customer loyalty.




So how can you enhance customer loyalty through online ordering?




Own your social media game




Social media plays the biggest role in enhancing your brand awareness and distinguishing your restaurant from competitors.


Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are all different platforms for different users and audiences that you should use to market your food online.


Link your website to these different platforms and promote yourself on them by regularly posting updates, pictures and news about events.



Customize promotions for your online users and followers.


Make your social media marketing campaign a priority. It’s less costly with high ROI.



Post all menu updates on your platforms including prices and hours of operation.




Create a cutting edge website and application




The website and application are the main online ordering platform for your business.


Your online menu on the application and website should be easy to read and to access along with prices.


Don’t make users scroll down a lot to browse your menu and place your items smartly using menu engineering tools to highlight your most profitable items.


Integrate them to your POS for seamless operations.


Processing online orders should be very clear and simple.


“Order now” button should be positioned clearly on the website so users are promptly encouraged to order and check your menu including offers.



Offer them different payment options so you don’t lose any customers.




Manage online orders



You cannot master your online ordering without a fully integrated online experience.



Customers expect an experience similar to dining in. So don’t delay orders or don’t send out wrong orders.


Customers should receive their orders within a certain time frame already communicated to them.



Orders should be correct, neat and appealing so invest in hiring people specifically to respond to online orders and deliveries.


Packages should be branded for higher brand awareness including all cutlery and dips they expect to receive.


Assign your orders immediately to delivery and track them once they are sent out.


You can review your performance if you monitor your reports and data so you can fix any arising issues.



Never neglect customers’ comments especially when they become more common.




Upscale your business with a POS software



Whether you choose to embrace the online world or not (is it even an option?), invest in a winning POS software for seamless operations that puts everything together.



It makes your whole business run effortlessly with tracking and monitoring performance options so you can alter your strategy soon enough to save your hard work.



With our POS, you can manage your different sales channels efficiently without missing out on any opportunity.




Personalize customers’ experience



Customers appreciate personalized experience because it shows them the relevance of your business to their lives.



Offer them personalized content that matters to them through a CRM that collects their data, their preferences and their ordering habits.


Your product recommendations and up-selling options should be based on their personal preferences.


It simply shows them that they matter enough for you while they are willing to pay more for this personalized experience and therefore it increases customer loyalty.



Make customer service your priority



You will never prevent all negative encounters for as long as you are running your business but you can definitely keep them under control and manage them for the sake of your business.



Teach your staff empathy and patience. At the same time keep a transparent relationship with your customers.


Openly communicate with them regarding any issue.


Flexsurv is a useful feature that enables you to receive comments from your customers to stay on top of customer service.



With an increasing popularity of online orders, offering seamless process to customers is crucial to gain this audience and increase your chances of higher reachability and a better brand awareness.

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