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How to thrive your restaurant with the POS software?

By Nadine Hashem

Do you even still question the need for a restaurant management software for your business?


Many restaurateurs believe that a POS system is the base of a successful and escalating business because it controls all operational aspects of running your restaurant.


A reliable POS software creates reports for multiple areas of your business such as sales, employee performance and menu items enabling you to analyze your current position and your areas of improvement. Automating your business organizes your operations and keeps everything under your total control.


You need a POS software even if you run a single outlet while running multiple location restaurants is impossible without a unified system that integrates all data coming from different stores to a single software keeping you on top of your work regardless of the number of outlets.


How do you upscale your restaurant with a POS software?



Multilocation management



Managing one restaurant is dreadful especially with all the challenges that lay around this sector. When you decide to go big with different locations, you’re definitely adding stress to your work.

 With a reliable POS, all the information that you need from different outlets will be available on your screen. No need to perform daily visits to your different chains because you can monitor all the reports, all the sales activity and staff attendance and sales no matter where you are.


BIM POS software enables you to manage your different locations seamlessly and consolidates data and maintains uniformity between outlets for clearer reporting and analytics.



This standardization keeps the process easier and ensures a similar offerings and service among different outlets.


Seamless supply chain operations


Inventory, stock management, orders and purchases are all under control. No late orders, no out of stock items and no expired items that go to waste.


Dealing with one or multiple vendors should be a simple process. Checking different quotations from different suppliers and availability of items is an easy task because all the information is saved on the system.


You can schedule orders for certain items as well that you order on specific periods.


Supply chain management for different branches becomes automated and simple. Certain outlets may have more purchases than the rest depending on the demand and sales. Your software will handle all this with the saved data and history of your orders and purchases.



Task automation


Time is money and the POS software enables you to automate most of your operations (except for the cooking part) with its integrated and timesaving features. Menu engineering, designing floor plans, managing reservations, ordering and many other features are examples of how you can save a big amount of time on these tasks to invest it where mostly needed mainly in planning.


This task automation reduces human intervention and hence errors for more efficient operations.




Reports are very critical to your business because they show you where you stand at, and it evaluates your performance and financial decisions.


Reports highlight all the important issues that you need to focus on in your decision making.


For instance, reporting shows you that there is a waste in your kitchen or your warehouse. It might show that there are dead menu items that you need to remove or promote.


Your cost reduction decision might have affected your platters, or your service and reports will show you this, so you decide to invest in your customer service or staff training or better food quality.


Different information from different outlets will all be available on your screen such as restaurant footfall, table turnover and your peak hours.


Your whole business model is analyzed and evaluated so you can spot errors or loops in your decisions or areas of enhancement.


Theft control


Monitoring sales and different cash transactions especially with smart cash drawers is a great theft control tool especially in restaurants where monitoring food theft is very difficult.


The smart cash drawers detect any openings done from outside the software with a high security feature.


In addition, having total control on your transactions from the warehouse to the final step of ordering and paying controls theft because each item becomes a stored data entry.


Features to choose in a POS software


  • Flexible
  • User-friendly
  • Multiple-location management
  • Customer centric
  • Highly secure



You can choose to run your restaurant and you can choose to thrive it. So, choose a modern and reliable POS software that upscales your business.

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