Loyalty cards balance shown in receipt

Everything you need to know for successful loyalty programs

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dining out on Valentine's Day

Your Valentine's Day Guide During the Lockdown

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A waiter cleaning a table at a restaurant wearing a mask during the pandemic

Covid19 ultimate survival guide for restaurants

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Employee managing stock in warehouse

What is inventory management and why is smart purchasing module important?

What is inventory management and why is smart purchasing module important? Are you a big corporate business, or maybe a small retail...
Happy hour at restaurant

Happy hour, all what you need to know!

The famous expression originated by the American Navy back in the days to describe their entertainment period and then linked to...
open a new business

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Increasing the revenues of your business

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How to hold on to your good performers?

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customer is happy and satisfied from the service

How to see that one customer again?

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Customer is angry at the waiter in a restaurant

How right can be "a customer is always right?"

So, you’re sitting on your table enjoying a warm freshly served meal that you’ve impatiently waited for while you hear the customer...