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BIM POS, the technology partner of Layali Zaman

BIM POS, the technology partner and sponsor of Layali Zaman Ramadan event!

By Nadine Hashem

We are excited to announce our role as the official technology partner and sponsor of the Layali Zaman Ramadan event, set to take place at Forum de Beyrouth from March 19 until Eid. Embracing the vibrant spirit of Ramadan with Khan-inspired decorations, this festival promises an immersive cultural experience for guests.

At Layali Zaman, guests will indulge in a diverse array of offerings from over 70 vendors and 30 food stalls, accompanied by captivating cultural entertainment. To enhance the festival experience, we are introducing seamless ordering solutions, ensuring efficiency and convenience for all attendees.

Through integrated QR code menus embedded within the BIM POS system, guests can effortlessly place orders from more than 35 restaurants participating in the event. This innovative approach streamlines the ordering process, with orders seamlessly transmitted to each restaurant's station for prompt preparation.

Furthermore, Layali Zaman attendees can enjoy flexible payment options, including cash or OMT, with a generous 15% discount offered for OMT payments. Thanks to BIM POS's cutting-edge technology, orders are efficiently managed and fulfilled, regardless of their origin, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both vendors and guests.

We are always proud to pioneer automated solutions in Lebanon's hospitality industry, setting a new standard for efficiency and convenience.

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