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A chef working on BIM POS KMS to manage his kitchen seamlessly

What do you need at your restaurant for an ultimate kitchen management?

Everything at your restaurant starts at the kitchen whether the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the food or the management of...
BIM POS Franchising POS in Ghana

BIM POS Coming Soon in Ghana

As part of our international development and expansion strategy and after a successful franchising in UAE that occurred by the end of...
Happy mother's day

Real life testimonies from heroine mothers and successful entrepreneurs.

Being an entrepreneur is difficult enough and challenging. It takes courage, persistence and lots and lots of hard work. Being a...
mother's day at restaurants

Mother’s day guide for restaurants

Do you know that mother’s day is the most popular holiday for restaurants? The national restaurant association states that 34% of...
Responding to online negative reviews

How to handle and respond to social media's negative reviews?

Everybody is prone to receive a negative review from a dissatisfied customer whether righteous or wrong. As long as you’re operating,...
Best social media platforms for restaurants

Social media platforms guide for restaurants and food business

People are influenced by social media posts, comments and reviews. A study showed that nearly half of US diners (45%) tried a...
Loyalty cards balance shown in receipt

Everything you need to know for successful loyalty programs

Beside your regular customer service and food or products, loyalty programs bring back customers for more purchases. Following a...
dining out on Valentine's Day

Your Valentine's Day Guide During the Lockdown

Here we are in February, the month of love where all the couples look forward for the most romantic day on the 14th of this month on...
A waiter cleaning a table at a restaurant wearing a mask during the pandemic

Covid19 ultimate survival guide for restaurants

2020 has been the nightmare for all of us. A pandemic that took over the world and changed people’s daily habits and enforced new...
Employee managing stock in warehouse

What is inventory management and why is smart purchasing module important?

What is inventory management and why is smart purchasing module important? Are you a big corporate business, or maybe a small retail...