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BIM POS participation about self-ordering kiosks

Join the webinar and learn about the latest software solutions

By Nadine Hashem

Can technology manage your operations and help you build a better entrepreneurship?


It’s a definite yes.


Can BIM POS support you in your journey of success?


Well, the question is to be addressed in a totally different way.


How can BIM POS contribute in the biggest part of your success?


We proudly and gladly answer you this question and many of your inquiries in the webinar that is held on Thursday, 17th of November 2022, 9:00 am Beirut Time and 11:00 am UAE Time.


Partnering with AdvanTech, that is specialized in providing a domain-focused technological support for different industries and sectors enabling more digitized operations and more intelligent world, the webinar answers all your questions regarding our company and its products.


Our COO, Dory Abou Haidar is present in the webinar to give you the knowledge you need about BIM POS different features and products.


BIM POS offers you the latest software solutions that impact every aspect of your business especially in hospitality and retail sectors. We also help you to take your self-service operations to the next level through multiple of options to automate tasks performed by your employees and recently that can be performed by your customers.


BIM POS offers tailored solutions for medium to large companies automating their tasks and processes for a more efficient performance. We deliver exceptional around the clock support, and we work with you to optimize your business on all levels.

We provide a full spectrum of point-of-sale, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and IT solutions for hospitality and retail management that range from customer service tools to back-office operations.


Beside its tailored solutions, BIM POS provides you with one of the most important areas of support that companies need, the analytical approach that enable you to simplify your decision making through self-generated reports for quicker decisive actions.



The webinar focuses on giving you knowledge about self-ordering kiosks that are becoming more common in quick service restaurants and multi branches synchronization that enable you to manage all your branches from a single location.


Self-ordering kiosks


A self-ordering kiosk is the most recent self-ordering solutions that gives customers the convenience of ordering their food without waiting in queues in a fast and reliable manner.


The SOK software is linked directly to the point of sale & Kitchen Display Screens of the Restaurant. Customers are notified when their order is ready through our QMS (Queue Management Software) application. With its full integration with the point of sale and Kitchen Display software, the self-ordering kiosks give you order accuracy and seamless operations throughout different sections of the restaurant.

It can be integrated with the CRM and Loyalty Program of the Restaurant to enhance your customers’ loyalty and ensure their retention through a customized service.


Let’s not forget about the upselling options through suggesting more personalized options and add-ons based on Artificial Intelligence.


Multi-concept & branch

BIM Syncher is an intelligent, one-of-a-kind software that centralizes and exchanges data between outlets and multi-concept businesses automatically without any human intervention via basic internet connectivity.

Your data is easily synchronized on the cloud in a real time manner and consolidated for all outlets for clear reporting and hence analysis.


No need to be concerned about franchising or expanding your business with this feature. Managing your different outlets is a simple process and time efficient.


The webinar gives an insightful opportunity to gain knowledge about how you can easily automate your business and thrive your performance for continuity and progress. Click on the below link and join it:

We are always content to support you with your concerns and inquiries.

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