A customer scanning the QR code to explore the restaurant's digital menu

Even when Covid19 is over, you still need the contactless digital menu

By Nadine Hashem

Let’s face it, Covid-19 is here to stay with for a while.


Customers were used to arrive to restaurants, be seated and then wait for the waiter or their table server to come bring them the menus.


They are left for few minutes to decide on their meals.


Since the pandemic has taken over the world, few things were put to change and became even almost useless.


One of these things is the printed menu.


Customers now head to their tables and scan a QR code available on their tables from their smart phones to explore the menu.


It’s true that contactless menus became so popular after the spread of the pandemic around the world but the truth is they existed way before in the Chinese mobile applications that was launched in 2011.


It only became very popular and faced a high demand during Covid19 due to health restrictions imposed on restaurants and hotels.


But is that it for contactless menus?


Just like Covid-19 contactless menus are also here to stay with or without a pandemic and raised health concerns.



First of all, what are contactless menus and how do they work?



Contactless menus are menus that are accessible from customers’ smart mobile phones, ideally without any application installation prerequisite.


Customers scan the code available on their tables and have the chance to browse food and beverage menu without touching a paper menu.


Why is your contactless menu your new best friend?



Your optimal hygiene solution


No need to worry about transmitted diseases especially Covid-19 one that highly contributed in the popularity of contactless menus.


You’re limiting shared objects among your customers and employees and decreasing cleaning and disinfecting time for your staff.


Enhance customers experience



Showing up starving at a restaurant and having to wait for the waiter to bring you the menu especially on your busy days is hectic and decreases customers’ satisfaction.


Menus being accessible with a one click away is the ultimate solution for an enhanced customer experience especially if it doesn’t require any application installation. It’s consumer friendly.


With its direct connection to your POS, you needn’t to worry about price or meals’ updates. It reads data directly from your restaurant server and display it on customers’ mobile phones.


Easy to manage and non-costly menu update


Seasons change and many restaurants change their menus seasonally. You might also want to add platters on specific occasions while you might discontinue others.


Same thing goes for menu design with occasions and seasons. You don’t need to go through the printing process neither its cost.


You can get the most attractive menu designs to enhance your brand image.


Imagine having to change your printed menu every time you want to add a platter or print an additional seasonal menu for the new platters.


It’s time consuming and costly process that you totally ditch with contactless digital menus.



Out of stock item? No problem. No need for the waiter to wait until customers ask about the platter to inform them, that’s if the waiter himself was updated with the information.


You can change the menu instantly to deliver better customer experience.


You need to add special offers on your menu? Maybe it’s taco Tuesdays or ladies’ night.


Update your menu on these days as well to promote your offers and increase your sales.


The waiter is placing the tabletop that displays the QR code to scan the menu


Easier upselling


 It’s way simpler to display pairing items and suggestions on your e-menu. Let’s say you have a certain offer on drinks. You can display pairing options for customers to buy appetizers or sandwiches that go well with these drinks.


You launched a new platter? You can highlight beverage pairing options or salads adds on on your e-menu for your customers to see without the intervention of your employee.


Multi-language options


Remember those days where you had to go to an Italian restaurant to find yourself reading an Italian menu that you have no clue about?


Why sticking to one language on your menu while you can enable different languages to your customers?


Customers love to see their food menu in different languages especially when there is a crowd on the table. Chances are different customers master different languages.


BIM POS offers international and local customers this feature with its contactless digital menu.


Save your customers and waiters’ time by displaying different languages on the e-menu.


Easy access from anywhere


The world is more and more moving into a remotely working environment.


Your restaurant needs to stay up to date with all these requirements to save you time and money.


Wherever you are, you can update your menu, add items, change prices or update your out of stock items.


No need for physical presence to do so the thing that is reflected directly on better customer experience.


Eventually, the pandemic is fading and its breakout will certainly decrease but not the demand on contactless menus.


Contactless menus are the new way of handling your restaurant and it will take your customers’ experience to a whole new level.


Connected to a smart POS, it does wonder for your overall performance.

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