The working breakfast, the influence lunch, the business dinner; all part of the industry world, but also situations grown for breaches in the health heed. You probably believe that business interactions are executed every time with a potato gratin paired with a roast chicken. What if we tell you are missing out on carrying the most important deal in this case; your health!


How can you successfully mix food and business?


We asked a health coach! Donna Impagliazzo is the sole proprietor of Naturally Donna in the US, offering health coaching and cooking classes, specializing in helping women with thyroid problems improve their health through better nutrition.

“It is time that you start being health conscious on your next business meeting, event, or trip,” she believes.


The Business Meals



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - when it comes to your health and business agendas. Morning meetings can result in quicker, more efficient decision making, say proponents. Early meetings “can potentially happen sooner and is less likely to get cancelled because of work, exhaustion, or family emergencies. So how is it when you start off right with what you eat?

In the early decades, people wolfed down their morning take on the “balanced meal,” but those bowls of cereal, eggs, and toast were consumed mostly at home. Now, breakfast has become popular on restaurant menus; while in the capital you probably want to schedule your next productive meeting at Home Sweet Home, Dar Bistro & Books, or Breakfast Barn for a healthy treat.

However, the last thing you want is to crash during the meeting right? According to Donna and the Black Doctor, pairing muffin and orange juice might lead to it. “The reason being that this breakfast combo has an excess of carbohydrates which cause your blood sugar to peak and then suddenly drop, causing you to crash right after. To prevent this, try using orange zest in your muffin recipe or enjoy a few slices of fresh orange on the side instead.




What makes for a successful business lunch?

Robin Jay, the author of The Art of the Business Lunch, has this advice: "It's not just choosing the right restaurant or being prepared for interesting conversation, though you should definitely start with those. Success will come when you learn how to make your clients feel special.

"Sharing a meal is the perfect way to discover common interests, share aspirations and find out how you can help your clients to achieve their goals more effectively. Breaking bread helps to break down barriers and...after all, people prefer to do business with people they like," he says.

In view of that, Donna explains to BIM POS that the famous saying “never order something you can’t pronounce” isn’t the only rule when it comes to business lunches. The slurps and the mess are most likely to be caused by the simple ‘Burger and Fries.’ The next time you want to make your client feel special, try not to suggest a “protein-carb” combo like the one in meat burgers which will surely leave that person feeling sluggish and loaded with redundant vibes. The salt, fat, and sugar will even make you crave more. “That processed sugar basically shuts off the signals in the brain and gut that tell you you're full, driving you to consume more and more of these unhealthy foods.”





So you are dressed up and looking forward to making it a successful business dinner.

Same like you, we are also a strong believer in the power of networking dinners. “In an era of the quick-hit coffee, having the opportunity to linger with contacts for two or three hours is a powerful way to get to know them and build meaningful relationships.”

When it comes to food choices during dinner or business events, you do not need to be tempted to combine alcohol with dessert or even crave a bowl of fruits right after your meal. To start with, alcohol with sweets does not mix very well. Alcohol directly interferes with blood sugar triggering insulin rush; consequently, any additional sugar intake would turn into unhealthy fat, but before this your body most likely would have had a crash or two.

Now, the starchy carbohydrates from the fruits require different digestive enzymes compared to those required for animal proteins (typically consumed in a main dish), which may create digestive confusion. So, the next time you feel bloated right after a business dinner, it could have nothing to do with your just paid cheque; think of food pairings!



Other common bad food combinations to avoid, according to the famous approach of John Immel:


Cheeseburger - made with wheat, meat and dairy. Each of these ingredients are difficult to digest separately. Together they confound the stomach.

Pizza - mixes wheat with cheese and tomatoes.

Apples with peanut butter - beans take a long time to digest. While the body churns away at the bean, the bacteria churn away at the fruit.

Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers & raw mushrooms - contains raw foods of different energetics mixed together.


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