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Key performance indicators at restaurant

Key performance indicators to monitor at your restaurant

Employee’s performance is measurable and so is success and business’ performance. The business force is driven by data that gives you...
A picture of a burger with dollar bills inside of it indicating food inflation

How to survive food inflation and maintain your profitability?

Making profits at restaurants was way easier 10 years ago. Everything was less expensive from food supplies to kitchen supplies to...
A menu for a restaurant

Menu designing tips and techniques that maximize your profits effortlessly

When it comes to selling, needless to say you need to make profits for your pocket or you wouldn’t even bother. Restaurants sell their...
Reducing costs to increase profitability

How to decrease your operating expenses?

If you’re looking to decrease your operating costs and expenses, then you’re not alone. All businesses are looking for ways to...
Increasing the revenues of your business

Increasing revenues, the fun part of your valuable business!

You work hard to set your business on track, generate revenues and reduce your costs. With everything that goes around your business,...