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What is a hybrid POS and why do you need to have one?

By Nadine Hashem

Technology is moving so fast in a way that best serves its users for more efficiency and better performance.


Your POS is the most important tech tool that you might need in doing your business. It monitors different aspects of your business operations, saves you cost and increases your profitability.


The POS systems are also evolving to respond to hospitality needs and new demands. 


Imagine your worst nightmare happening when it comes to POS. 


What is it?


It’s the terrifying internet outage that makes you unable to continue working on your system.


Can you imagine people making their orders while you suddenly tell them that they have to wait because of the internet outage?



As we said earlier, modern POS systems are always updating their features to respond to customers' needs and to result in the best service possible. 


The solution is an offline POS mode.


What is an offline POS mode or a hybrid POS?


It’s the ability to keep running and operating your POS during the internet outage. 


It merges the convenience of cloud-based Software and locally installed systems (legacy systems)  so you don’t have to lose a sale or worry about an emerging situation.


A cloud based POS


A cloud based software or what is also known as a web-based software is a web hosted software that stores data digitally on the cloud. 


You can access your data from any device connected to the cloud account. 


It is similar to modern laptops that allow you to store your data and files on the cloud using the internet.


Therefore, Cloud POS systems store information on the cloud so all the information in a POS terminal can be accessed on any other connected devices or terminals.


Legacy POS


It is similar to the old computer desktop where your information is strictly and solely available on the desktop of that specific computer.


Therefore, legacy POS systems are strictly available on a closed network of a local server. 


You have to be physically present at the restaurant or shop to view and access the reports.


It is a safer option but less accessible of course.


Hybrid POS

 A hybrid POS is the one that combines the accessibility of the cloud based POS and the reliability of the locally installed POS or legacy POS.


This means that it is not fully reliant on the internet. In case of an internet outage, data is saved on the local server and it is automatically accessed 



Why do you need to use a POS system in an offline mode?


Internet outage or slower connection 


Our worst nightmare whether you are working with a POS or not. 


But it’s even worse when this internet outage causes you to lose a sale. 


Even when the connection is slower due to several reasons, so offline POS saves you from worrying about any problems. 


Benefits of using a POS in an offline mode



Accessing the cash drawer while offline 


You should be able to accept cash payments when there is no internet connection. And this is the least you should look for in an offline POS mode.


You’ll be able to:


  • Print receipts
  • Scan barcodes
  • Print barcodes
  • Scale and use kitchen printers for restaurants 


Automatic Data synchronization after regaining connectivity 


You don’t need to worry about losing valuable data and information during an internet outage. 


This information includes the customer card details or inventory information.


Modern systems allow you to automatically synchronize your data after reconnecting to the internet.


Customer satisfaction 


Offering customers a continuous service without disruption increases their satisfaction and hence loyalty.


They don’t have to worry about any disruption and it encourages them to choose you over competitors for this reason. 


Being able to use your POS in an offline mode as well as online gives you advantages over your competitors so don’t hesitate to choose the one that serves you better like the one BIM POS offers.

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