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Automation tools that streamline your operations

By Nadine Hashem

Restaurant owners resort to automation tools to streamline their operations especially with all the technology advancements that take over businesses.


This technology is constantly supporting customer satisfaction and it is responding to the changing customers’ needs.


The more you automate your restaurant’s operations, the more flawless outcome you’ll get since it’s the cut-off point that defines your success and sustainability in today’s world. With labor shortage, rising costs of supplies and raw material, automation is the answer for facing all these challenges.



Automation tools to adopt at your restaurant for streamline operations



Online ordering


Most home deliveries are being placed online either through the restaurant’s website / app or through a third-party application. Online orders are a fastest, more efficient way to place orders effortlessly while avoiding errors that might occur due to telephone miscommunication.


Customers can choose to have add-ons, add a special request, choose delivery or pick-up without the hassle of explaining to an employee over the phone.


The result is a faster ordering process reducing the chances of errors, less labor and more time to spend on dining in services.


Automated billing


Billing operations have been impacted tremendously by technology. POS software generates automatic bills for customers depending on the kitchen tickets.


Chances are very slim customers will get mixed up bills with all the process from placing the order to billing is being automated.


The most modern POS software has “splitting the bill” feature that enables customers to pay separately without the hassle of reviewing their bill and having to calculate the cost of their food manually depending on their orders.


Table reservation


Restaurants are able to upgrade their restaurant’s service through an online table reservation software like BIM Hoster that takes customer satisfaction to a whole new level.


Your seating experience is enhanced and becomes faster while managing customer reservations with real-time synchronization through the POS stations on site.


You can easily draw customized floor maps depending on the event you are hosting or the occupancy of your restaurant while ensuring that customers preferences are being taken into consideration.


Your servers can easily update the number of customers and alert waiters with newly seated customers.


With this feature, you can speed up the checkout process by knowing which customers have ordered their checks and are about to leave so the valet parking clerks can deliver their cars fast.



Loyalty programs



Generate and issue gift vouchers based on serial number that is shared between the branches, to your customers especially the loyal ones so they can redeem it to increase footfall to a specific outlet, draw attention to a specific product and enhance your relationship with your loyal customers through a full integration. 





 This means that you can run loyalty programs containing your customer database where points are automatically added when a customer places a new order.


Technology has once again made rewarding your customers an easy task depending on their ordering habits so you can create customized ideas to cherish your loyal ones.





All the financial details such as sales data and transactions are accessible in tabs and graphs to gain a clear vision about your business performance and reports are created to compare different figures such as sales in the previous year or sales for a certain menu category.


In addition to accounting and reporting usual tasks, you can allocate your payments through an integrated accounting software such as BIM CALC, by choosing the amounts desired to be paid and the invoice you’re paying off. 


Kitchen display system



The kitchen display system that manages communication between the front of the house and back of the house staff to process orders smoothly and efficiently.


It enables you to see coming orders and the ones that should be prepared. Your waiters don’t have to run to the kitchen to place an order or change an already placed order.


The process is simple and organized and orders are processed consecutively and according to their temperature.



Benefits of restaurant automation



  • Eliminates errors
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Simplifies processes and optimizes operations
  • Improves customer service and satisfaction



Customer satisfaction is the core of your business and the key ingredient to your success. Technology is the way to reach ultimate customer satisfaction while saving you time and money.

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