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A happy waiter working at a restaurant

Tips to boost your employee morale and increase their productivity

By Nadine Hashem

What’s more precious than your valuable employees who at the end of the day are the true players of your business?


Employee performance is at the top of your interests because it is the main reason that defines you as a business and that sets your success regardless of the industry.


Restaurant sector is a tricky one when it comes to boosting employee performance and therefore retention knowing the high turnover rates this sector endures. 


Usually, the hospitality sector suffers from high employee turnover rates that can reach more than 75% and if it’s not alarming to you then maybe knowing that this percentage means losing 5 or 6 employees monthly will alarm you a little more.


In 2018, the employee turnover rate topped 70% for the fourth consecutive year in the hospitality sector. 


This high turnover rate raises a question mark in restaurateur’s minds and urges them to find a solution to boost employee moral and enhance their performance.


Tips to boost employee morale and performance


Empower your team with a flexible schedule


Employees should feel that they are heard and respected. One important way is to include them in making decisions especially the ones that directly affect them like scheduling. 


Setting collaborative schedules that respect and take into consideration their preferences depending on their personal needs, boosts employee morale and therefore performance.


It is important for your employees to feel empowered while you ensure that they are properly staffed and not overworked so they can assign their schedules and shifts based on their availability.


For this purpose, invest in an employee software that organizes shifts easily among different employees and simplifies schedules for new employees.


Establish a mentoring program


Continuous learning is important because it helps employees feel engaged in their careers. It also keeps them on progressing while finding fulfillment in their roles. 


New and old employees should always be engaged in an interactive and continuous learning process where they share their different experiences and encounter different situations that might happen during their actual shifts.


You might want to check your sales reports to identify your top performers who generated the most sales and the lowest performers who need the most mentoring and training.


Training your employees shows them that you value them, and you care for their self-achievements. 

Different employees can share different techniques to enhance customer experience, to increase table turnover or to create different recipes.


The result: employees with higher self-confidence and an increased performance ability.


Identify your employees’ successes


Recognition is important for your staff’s motivation and performance. For this purpose, review your sales reports to identify your top performers and reward them according to a reward program that you’ve already set and communicated with them. 


Do not limit yourself with the reports though because you must identify who takes initiatives to solve problems or to come up with new ideas and who is more committed to his work.


Let the reward be something they like or prefer. It might be an additional day off or incentives or a bonus. 


Reward employee loyalty


Reward employees not only for their performance but also for their commitment and loyalty to you.


To avoid losing employees and paying the costs of hiring new ones, reward your old ones. 


Offer them more benefits such as medical benefits and higher packages not to forget promoting them according to their experience and performance.


Offer them gift cards, additional paid time off and celebrate their work anniversaries to show them their importance.


Offer employees free meals


Feeding your staff and letting them try new recipes is also important. Do not just give them your end of the day leftovers. Make sure you take into accounts their free meals during the day.


This manner helps you avoid waste of perishable items at the end of the day and contribute to boosting your employees’ morale.


At the same time, they would have trusted recommendations for your customers. 


Schedule non-work related activities 


You need to set non-work related activities to promote a sense of pertinence away from the strict work rules to boost employee morale. 


You also encourage friendship among employees and a bond will be created between them that impacts their teamwork. 


Your employees are your most precious assets and they should be appreciated and cared for. 

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