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Reducing costs to increase profitability

How to decrease your operating expenses?


If you’re looking to decrease your operating costs and expenses, then you’re not alone.


All businesses are looking...

A waitress using the reservation software to make table reservations

Why do you need a reservation software at your restaurant?


Finally, restrictions are being gradually lifted and more businesses are reopening and ready to serve customers at their premises,...

A waitress using restaurant POS

Why do you need a restaurant POS and not a retail POS for your restaurant?


One of the critical decisions to make for your business is choosing a POS system.


You have a lot of options in the...

improve operations from fair to great using technology and with the effort of employees

The ultimate ways to improve your restaurant’s operations today!


If we take a look at the restaurant industry 3 or 4 years ago, we would notice the massive changes that occurred in the industry....

BIM POS led by John Balian expands in Ghana

Entreneurship at its finest with John Balian


In an exclusive interview with hospitality news magazine, John Balian explains how BIM POS defied all the challenges of the past...

Chef preparing food and washing vegetables

What you need to know about Kitchen and food safety tips at your restaurant


The last thing we want in our ordered platters at restaurants is a fly or a hidden hair mixed in our food.


This can...

a picture showing the pizza delivered from the laptop in online ordering

Online food ordering: should you get a third party or do it in house?


Do you remember the good old days when you used to have a lazy afternoon and you decide to order food and chill on your couch...

upselling and increasing profits

How to use your POS software for successful upselling techniques?


Upselling is challenging but it’s the objective of every restaurateur and the aim they are trying to get to when they hire certain...