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A quick service restaurant

What are the must have technology tools in a QSR?

By Nadine Hashem

Running a quick-service restaurant is not that simple and it’s not easier than full-service restaurants that offer full dining experience. With a more digitized world, you need to rely more on technology to cover your different operations even if you are thought to be the least systematic of all types of restaurants.


If you want to grow your market, develop a more engaging environment with your customers and drive up sales, you need to organize your restaurant management through an integrated all-in-one restaurant management system that changes the whole game for you.


Even if the restaurant owner is always present and even if you run a single outlet, the restaurant management system enhances your operations, organizes your time and decreases the chances of theft with the automation of tasks beside managing your relationship with your clients.


When we say all-in-one restaurant management system, the first thing to get is a POS software to manage your billing and accounting and process your transactions. A POS to manage your menus and staff.


Your must have technology tools for a QSR


Faster billing and transactions


It might be the most obvious feature in a POS. Quicker transactions and billing including instant issuing of kitchen tickets to proceed with the orders.


Imagine your employees have to take orders manually and then pass the order to the kitchen to process it?

You need to use your POS to have billing on-the-go and provide fast customer service as you should be in a quick service restaurant.


Inventory management


A QSR is not necessarily a small business and even if it seems like one, there are lots of processed orders in a day and if it’s not the case then you need to better manage your restaurant to increase orders.


You cannot overlook the inventory management part when choosing a POS and restrict your choice to the billing part. Processing different orders will result in a changing inventory count throughout the day that you need to keep track of especially when you are meant to provide quick service to your customers. 


Therefore, automating inventory management and having instant updates upon order processing is crucial to avoid both waste and shortage and even theft. 

In addition to alerts set automatically to warn you in case of approaching expiry date. 


Advanced delivery tool


In a QSR, online orders and deliveries are high and still increasing with the change in dining patterns especially in the young generation which means you need to have an advanced module for your delivery tracking.


BIM Dispatcher allows you to measure the kitchen and drivers’ efficiency with a full integration with the POS. It enables you to manage your delivery operations by controlling employee routes and attendance information. 


With multiple deliveries and increasing sales that are accounted on deliveries, you need this module to increase efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.


SMS integration 


SMS integration is a huge marketing tool these days that keeps your customers updated with all your offers and news. It creates a connection between the restaurant and customers and plays the role of a backmind reminder of your existence whenever hunger hits. 


Not only this, it gives order details and progress until it reaches customers without the need to call and inquire about the order. 


A message per week if you have an offer or news you need to spread is enough. When you don’t have anything valuable to share make it once a month. 


CRM integration


A CRM integrated into the POS is ideal to manage your relationships with your clients. It stores customer details that you can use later on to customize offers or promotions tailored to their preferences.


Knowing your customers preferences and ordering habits enables you to know them better so you understand how to serve them better in a way that shows them appreciation and increases their loyalty and engagement.


Offers integration


If QSR are known for something, it would be their frequent offers, discounts and combos. You need a POS that saves these offers and integrates them into the system so they are directly applied. 


Quick service restaurants should be managed efficiently just like other restaurants to ensure their continuity. The best way is to invest in a POS software offering you multiple features that come in handy in restaurant management.

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