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Employees and chefs working and preparing food at the restaurant’s kitchen

How to achieve flawless kitchen’s operations that enhance your customer satisfaction?

By Nadine Hashem

Your restaurant’s kitchen is the main worrisome operating part of your business.


At the end of the day people come to your restaurant to enjoy whatever your kitchen is cooking and preparing. 


You might think to yourself, how hard can it be? 


You get a couple of good chefs with new and exclusive dishes and you’re covered!


Too bad, it’s not this easy. 


Running kitchen operations is much more than cooking an entrée or steak as a main dish.


Technology plays an important role in the overall kitchen performance efficiency in many ways beside the uniqueness and savouriness of the dishes. 


That’s why you need to have an unfailing POS software as your restaurant and kitchen’s best friend.


How can you streamline your kitchen’s operations?




Kitchen management software 


Let’s start with the most important thing here, the KMS that you choose needs to run your kitchen’s multiple operations. 


With a reliable kitchen management software integrated in your POS like BIM KMS, you can clearly and easily sort out your orders with no errors and prioritize them depending on the hold/fire items.


The KMS allows you to display orders on a touch screen instead of papers and it notifies which orders go first. 


After their preparation, orders are clearly dismissed to avoid confusion.


BIM KMS saves you money and time and increases your customer satisfaction with accurate and timely mannered orders. 



Recipe management


How about accessing an unlimited number of recipes and sub-recipes while tracking stock depletion in real time? 


It keeps your kitchen stock up to date for more efficient service that leads to customer satisfaction.


You cannot have the exact same taste for your dishes without a standard recipe to avoid mixing up recipes on a busy day or altering the proportions of ingredients for instance.


Here comes the recipe management feature in the POS in handy since the recipes specify each ingredient with the proportions and temperature needed in addition to exact cooking procedures ensuring the same exquisite taste every time the platter is ordered.


If you run restaurant chains then you definitely need the recipe management to keep a consistent taste and flavour across your multiple restaurants. 


This flavor consistency increases the customer satisfaction and contributes to the waste control process.


Inventory management software 


How can you run your kitchen without a proper inventory and stock control?


It’s crucial for your restaurant's smooth operations. 

When we say inventory control, we don’t just mean availability of items and raw materials. 

We are also approaching the costs of different raw materials used in cooking that affect the costs of your menu items and therefore your overall profitability.


With a reliable inventory management software, you can stay on top of your inventory, meaning that the system tells you which item to order and when to order it. It also alerts you for the expiration date of raw materials so you can use them.


The system helps you avoid out of stock items that you need for your kitchen’s operations.


A competent and homogeneous team 


When hiring and putting together the final stages of your team, remember that these different people have to work together. 


It’s not enough to hire skilled people, you have to make sure they function well as a team especially under pressure.


How do different employees respond to directions?

Is their work flawless? 

Can they handle pressure?

How good are their communication skills?


You need an adaptable and quick-thinking team that initiates solutions and creates new ideas in managing the restaurant.


You have to choose a trainable team as well that learns fast, especially the POS software that you operate. 


For this reason, having user-friendly POS software is recommended to ease your employees’ work. 


Streamline delivery and take-outs


Delivery is accountable for more than 25% of restaurants’ orders in 2020 and it’s continuing to rise.


It means that you are adding your revenues but your troubles.


Your orders should be properly managed and prioritized depending on many factors including delivery and take-out orders.


A Kitchen display system (KDS) is definitely a feature you want to add to your software to show all your orders on a single screen with notifications of which orders to start first.


This tool creates balance between dine-in and delivery orders and it simplifies the whole ordering and preparation process.


Running a restaurant is certainly profitable but it holds many barriers that prevent you from reaching customer satisfaction and therefore profits. 


Embrace technology for long term success and steady progress and invest in hiring a top-tier team. 

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