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Self ordering kiosks in fast food restaurants

Benefits of self ordering kiosks at restaurants

By Nadine Hashem

The world is moving really fast and people have no more patience to wait for their services to get done. 


Customers are impatiently urging restaurants and retail stores to automate more services at the time where business owners are innovating their services to please their shoppers or guests.


Self ordering kiosks are not a new thing in the software and automation industry especially for retails stores, casinos and airports but restaurants adopted this technology a bit later than the mentioned businesses where fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Arby’s started their journey with self ordering kiosks in 2006. 


65% of customers have mentioned that they would visit a restaurant more often, especially fast food restaurant, if self ordering kiosks were offered and 30% prefer to order from a kiosk versus a cashier giving the same waiting time. 


What is a self ordering kiosk?


A self ordering kiosk is a solution that gives control to your customers to place their orders and process payments on their own without the assistance of a cashier. 


Their system consists of a touchscreen with an easy-to-use digital interface. The screen displays the menu and it guides customers step by step through the whole ordering process and then payments and pickups. 


 The kiosk also displays all offers and promotions in addition to order modifiers the customer might want to try or add.


Benefits of self ordering kiosks


Reduced ordering and wait time 


Who likes long queues during peak hours?


You don’t and we don’t either!


The self ordering kiosk helps in keeping some of the people away from the counters lowering the traffic and enabling customers to process their orders faster.


Customers can easily navigate through the menu and make quick payments.


As a result, you’re receiving more customers and processing more orders without adding labor. 


Enhanced order accuracy


There are always chances of human errors when taking orders the traditional way especially during rush hours even when servers are highly trained to receive orders. 


The self ordering kiosk enables customers to order their own food following their own pace applying any changes they want directly without any intervention. 


It’s easy for them to customize their orders if the menu allows to, ensuring the exactness of their meals before

payment processing.


Reduced labor cost 


Installing kiosks in restaurants saves the costs of adding employees at the checkout or adding shifts.


As a result, you are saving the cost of hiring more people to keep up with your peak times. 


Instructions on the kiosk should be clear for the most technology illiterate to avoid needing help from employees. 


It’s a long time investment versus constant monthly labor costs. 


Increased check size 


Self ordering kiosks have a big impact on check sizes. 


Why is that?


You simply don’t need to rely on your employees to upsell or cross-sell your customers. 


Self ordering kiosks  can highlight high margin items and any add ons that bring you additional income.


It gives customers prompts to purchase more without needing any human intervention and many of McDonald’s competitors for instance have found that customers tend to spend more with self ordering kiosks.


In addition, the screen displays appealing pictures of dishes and sides that urge customers to add them to the order. 


Visuals are an important part of the self ordering kiosks especially when it comes to upselling or pushing your high margin items to the foreground.


Improved customer satisfaction


Customers don’t have to wait in long queues to place their orders. Self-ordering kiosks are a quick and the most convenient solution to waiting times.


In addition, they provide customers with different payment options as well as information about dishes they’re buying. 


Customers can know everything about their food while punching in their orders conveniently.


Enhanced customers and employees safety


With the non ending pandemic that requires social distancing and minimum human interaction, self ordering kiosks are the answer to required health measures.


The kios can be easily sanitized and both your customers and your employees are kelt safe.


Technology is amazing and amazing are the things it does for us. Embrace it fully and invest in the most reliable self ordering kiosks that are integrated into a reliable and modern POS software


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