Order taking software at restaurants

5 points to consider when choosing an order taking software

By Nadine Hashem

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, restaurant dining habits have drastically changed.


The market demand trend has shifted from dining in restaurants to orders and take outs for stay-at-home dining or gatherings for people’s convenience.


Online food delivery accounts now for a remarkable share of restaurant’s revenues even after the pandemic era is approaching an end, hopefully.


Given the current situation, restaurants want to invest heavily in improving online orders and order taking procedures to sustain their business and flourish their profits.


What you need is a strong order taking software that enhances customer experience and encourage clients to repeat their online orders or to increase their check size.


This system should be able to streamline your operations including online ordering processes, hence quickening the ordering process and accepting more orders.


How to choose a restaurant ordering software that ensures streamline operations?



The software should accommodate your restaurant concept and needs



Each restaurant has its unique concept and style. Depending on your existing concept, you can decide on your operational needs before making any choice.


A reliable order taking software provides you with industry-specific solutions to different kinds of restaurants.

A bakery needs might differ from a fast-food restaurant. A restaurant with several outlets has different needs than a single outlet.


A virtual or ghost restaurant needs greatly differ from a physical outlet restaurant that offer deliveries and take outs.


Hence, the first thing you need to understand is the volume of deliveries you are willing to take to decide whether to rely on your own application or get a third party and to decide on the staff needed and how to allocate your employees where needed the most.



The software should provide billing operations



Contactless dining is no longer a luxury to have in restaurants. The software should have comprehensive contactless dining that responds to the changing market’s needs containing all needed modules in one satisfying system, without the need for external programs.


Contactless digital menu and online billing are the ultimate contactless dining that requires little or no contact at all with the restaurant’s employees.



Aside from contactless dining, the online ordering for takeaways and deliveries should be synchronized in various channels and ordering applications and platforms that serve different customers and integrated into the POS collecting all customers data for further support and customer retention purposes.


You should consider bill editing options that enable specific employees to edit, reprint the bills. The access should be limited to certain employees to prevent any manipulation with billing.



User-friendly interface



A user-friendly interface is essential for employees because it doesn’t require lots of training and it is simple to be used by them.

You need a unified view and a software that accepts orders from multiple channels.



With this interface, you empower your employees to easily track different items performance to determine the least ordered and the top selling item.


Why not empowering your employees and giving them the option of setting menu modifications and customized offers based on different orders?



Inventory levels control



The most viral aspect that should be totally under control is your inventory levels.

The software should provide you with an automatic monitoring tool that alerts you when you need to refill a certain item or when the expiry date of an item is approaching so you can use it and prevent spoilage and waste.


The system should monitor different sales channels and automatically update items count based on sales in different stores and different channels.


You definitely need a software that allows you to stock check and record your supply without interrupting other parts of your business through unique and state of the art technology and allowing your staff to take online stock counts while you are operating.


Third party integration



When your software is integrated in different third-party platforms, you are giving yourself different opportunities to acquire more customers, increase your reachability and enhance customer loyalty.

Implement a cloud-based restaurant order taking software to simplify your restaurant’s operations adopting innovative techniques and expanding your services.



If you decide to improve your online order taking services, then you are aware of the impact online orders have on the current restaurant sector and the share online orders is accounted for from the total sales.


You cannot adopt this sales channel without investing in a software that equips you with the most viral tools to succeed.

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