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Why to choose BIM POS as your POS provider?

By Nadine Hashem

There were days when opening a restaurant or a bakery concerned getting your supplies, choosing your staff and figuring out your numbers. 


Can you still plan to open a restaurant with this old procedure?


Yes, you may. But is it going to be efficient?


I strongly doubt. 


While you may think that technology has a little impact on the restaurant sector, the POS software comes to prove the opposite. 


POS changed the way you do and run your business. 

It made it more efficient, less time consuming and less costly. 


There are numerous software companies that provide you with a POS and it certainly complicates your decision making process. 


You have to realize though that not all POS are created equal. Certain companies offer you more features with a better service while others might focus on lowering their prices. 


This is why Nabil Abu Salman and his daughter Donna, the owners of Everyday bakery café decided to switch their POS providers to BIM POS as she explained to us in our interview with her. 


Everyday bakery cafe is a family owned business located in Ain Anoub. They opened their doors in August 2019. 


They offer freshly baked goods and they are known for their delicious pastries, pies, baked breads and charcuterie boards. 


They serve the area with signature deli and cheese varieties and grocery products that aren’t typically available in nearby stores. 


Charcuterie boards and baked croissants and pastries



When they first started their business, they were neither experienced in the restaurant sector nor in the POS softwares. 


They chose a POS provider thinking that it will respond to their operational needs. 


Once they started to get involved in their business and started their operations, they detected the flaws of the chosen POS. 


They started to face problems and they realized that they need different features that were necessary for their workflow and they weren’t available in their old POS software.


Answering the question of “how hard to be an entrepreneur?”, Donna explained that it’s really hard to own and run a business especially in Lebanon with the current situation. 


The current economic crisis has imposed additional challenges on entrepreneurs forcing them to operate for survival, no longer for profits. 


It was also unfortunate for them that they opened the store two months prior to the economic regression followed by the collapse. 


For their business it is crucial to maintain their working capital with the exchange rate fluctuations. 


They need to keep up with the changing prices so they don’t end up selling below the costs. 


Donna affirmed the importance of the “Bulk price update” feature available in BIM POS software. This feature enables you to change your prices in bulk based on different factors like currency exchange rate, ingredients’ costs and costs of the supplies. 


With the different features offered, they can monitor the price history and average price of each product. 


 “How did you hear about BIM POS and why did you choose it to be your software provider?”


“When I first decided that I need to switch to a different software provider, I did my homework researching different options and I came across your website. I then booked a demo to learn more about the services and features.”


“Honestly, I found all the features I was looking for in a software for my business”, Donna explained. 


“The transition was extremely smooth. I was worried about my employees and the cashiers because I thought the transition will be hard for them but BIM POS software is extremely user friendly which made the transition very smooth.”


An employee working on BIM POS software in the bakery


With BIM POS software, we no longer have any problems with inventory management. With the old POS, we used to end up with inventory errors almost every time. When we switched to BIM POS, inventory tracking and stock control are always accurate and easy to perform.”


Donna added that she can now track and monitor expiry dates so they can use the items with approaching expiration dates and reduce wastage, the feature that was missing in their old POS software.


“It helped us control our expenses and manage our purchases, the thing that led to a higher income.”


Donna also pointed out more features that she would like to add to her POS. 


Features like live tracking delivery, setting up an online store and the loyalty program are all interesting and useful for business growth.


They recently added the punch feature for employees for better monitoring and control.


To the question, “Do you review the reports generated from the software? if yes, how beneficial are they?”, Donna explained that she always reviews and monitors the reports of the POS software. She is amazed by the speed of reports’ generation. 


“With the old POS, I had to wait for such a long time to check the reports.” 


The reports are of great use because they give her insights on her business. It became very easy to check best and worst selling items, peak hours and best performing sections (bakery /cheese counter / meat counter / pastry).


They can also track the previous months for performance comparison and evaluation so they identify their strengths and areas of improvement.


“BIM POS has assisted our business in different ways and aspects. We are in total control of our business and operations such as employee and inventory management.” 


One of the things that impressed Donna and made her choose BIM POS is the 24/7 customer support that it offers. She actually needed support once on a Sunday which is out of the regular hours. 


She contacted the customers’ hotline to get the needed assistance from one of the technicians. 


Overall, the owners of Everyday bakery café are enjoying partnering up with BIM POS and they actually recommended the company to their friend who is starting a new business and they assure that the offered software impacts business operations. 


What are you waiting for? 


Make the choice and switch to BIM POS.

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