Interview, centerfalls mall in mazraat yashouh metn lebanon to open

Centerfalls Designer Outlet Mall: The Metn's Pulse


Located at the heart of the Metn Region in Mazraat Yachouh on a slope with marvelous views over the Bays of Jounieh, Dbayeh and Beirut, Centerfalls the Design Outlet Mall is expected to end up plainly a first world-class built-in shopping, recreation and tourism goal in Lebanon.

The mall, as it has been conceived to be at a critical inflection point, will initiate “a storm of global trends” that are coming together at the same time to cause malls to change the role they play in people’s lives. Centerfalls is indicative of the mall’s transformation from a shopping centre to a community centre.

“No longer are they primarily about shopping. Now, when consumers visit malls, they are looking for experiences that go well beyond traditional shopping,” Rony Aoun, CEO of SMAG (SHOPPING MALL ADVISORY GROUP) says.

To an interesting setting, the venture will host a remarkable blend of the most elevated quality of off-price extravagance retail, an exclusive collection of restaurants along with devoted areas for family entertainment, supermarket and personal services.


Essentially, Centerfalls is set to break new grounds in Lebanon creating a fusion of premium shopping combined with a fun, family friendly experience. Opening its doors in Fall 2018, the 57,000 sqm mall with leasing area of 20,000 sqm holds 4 retail levels equipped with easy access to parking slots. “The mall will house 140 units from the most prominent local and international brands, casual dining and fast food chains and a couple of coffee shops, in addition to a large supermarket, banking and money services, bookstores, furniture, home appliances and electronics.”

Centerfalls is an exceptional project. We believe it is a significant count that complements the retail picture in Lebanon as well as the region from both economic and touristic ends. Retailers want to be here; it has sort of a halo effect," says Aoun.

“With Centerfalls come enormous opportunities. This designer outlet mall has all the elements to be one of a kind, from the concept to the location, the architecture, the attractions and entertainment facilities; all opens out to another SMAG success story,” Aoun adds.

The trendy outlet mall will offer its visitors a matchless retreat like a lavish occasion, rather than a simple shopping experience. The mall will host key attractions including: “A Piazza, an outdoor village, a Skyvill, an exquisite rooftop with restaurants for the entire family, a dedicated area of 1500 sqm designed for Toddler Club & Family Entertainment. It is also anticipated to provide over 300 management job opportunities and 700 retail jobs.”

image perspective of centerfalls mall in mazraat yashouh showing the final design and the surrounding

"As home to one of the top-performing stores from around the world, it becomes clear that centerfalls is going to satisfy customer’s thirst for a deeper mix of luxury brands," Aoun says.


Centerfalls is at proximity to the capital, only a 20-minute drive from Beirut Downtown. It will serve as a central reference point of the Metn area both as a center of trade and a social activity, and through its typical architectural design, giving the district its own local personality. Centerfalls’ construction, inspired from the surrounding scenery, reveals a vertically open and transparent layout and an inviting nature.


The architectural adaptation of Centerfalls and the luxurious event unfolding is what Lebanese await to experience very soon. Projects like this might not come along every day.

inside view of the centerfalls mall accessing the restaurants and the sidewalks
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