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GITEX 2022 in UAE

The thriving presence of BIM POS in GITEX, Dubai

By Nadine Hashem

With a distinguish presence in GITEX, the annual enterprise and global digital transformation event that took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at Dubai World Trade Centre from Monday the 10th of October until Friday the 14th of October , BIM POS has partnered with Advantech to showcase our self-ordering kiosks. 




GITEX in Dubai


The event has witnessed many people from around the world who came to learn about the state-of-the art technologies that will improve their businesses and streamline their operations. Businesses and entrepreneurs have gained insightful information about self-ordering kiosks and were amazed by the integration of the self-ordering kiosks into the point-of-sale and kitchen management software that enables you to run your business seamlessly.



GITEX in Dubai
GITEX exhibition


We were contented to meet entrepreneurs who showed great interest in our products and we successfully created partnerships that lead to fruitful cooperation. 

Both the software and hardware of the self-ordering kiosks are designed to fulfill the need of more efficient ordering process and the product shapes the future of hospitality sector and technology-driven transformations in the food service business.



People learning about self checkout terminals


A self-ordering kiosk or self checkout terminal is a solution that gives control to your customers to place their orders and process payments on their own without the assistance of a cashier. The system consists of a touchscreen with an easy-to-use digital interface similar to a big mobile phone screen and it comes with 2 sizes, 24 and 32 inch screens. The screen displays the menu and it guides customers step by step through the whole ordering process and then payments and pickups. The kiosk also displays all offers and promotions in addition to order modifiers the customer might want to try or add.





Self-Ordering Kiosks provide you with many benefits like reducing the wait and ordering process time, enhance order accuracy, reduce labor costs, increase check size since customers are urged to add more items or add-ons to their orders and what matters the most enhance customer satisfaction leading to more loyal guests.




Visitors at the stand


BIM POS had a remarkable contribution in this event that withholds the most important and impactful technologies that drive the economy in the middle east aiming for more thriving innovations.

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