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BIM POS to celebrate soft freedom day

BIM POS is celebrating software freedom day (sfd) on its own way

By Nadine Hashem

Have you ever heard of software freedom day? 


If not then you’re lucky we have. 


Software freedom day was first celebrated on 28 August 2004. Around 12 teams have participated in this day that continues to grow in popularity.


This day is now celebrated on the third Saturday of September. 


Currently, it’s observed in 100 different cities around the world in 300 different events organized. 


What is the purpose of this day’s observance?


This day aims to raise awareness and educate people about free software and its virtues. 


It encourages people to understand the benefits of using free and open source software (FOSS) in different areas of education, business, government and even at home. 


Who is behind the SFD


Software freedom international is a non profit organization that coordinates this day at a global level through its support and giveaways hoping that the contributing teams around the world impact their communities.


The objective of this day is to inspire people from all over the world to connect and share in a digital world creating more equal access opportunities using technology.


Why free software?


The free software or software freedom gives users freedom to share and modify it which makes them “free”. It guarantees the right to learn and share this learning with others.


What is the free software?


  • Free to use the program and to run it for any purpose as you may wish.
  • Free to study how the program works and be able to modify it to your own needs.
  • Free to redistribute copies of the program to help people in your community. 
  • Free to modify the content of this program and to share your modified version and distribute them to others.
  • Free access to the source code of the software. 
  • Most importantly, free to share, which is the main purpose of this international day around the world.


Luckily, BIM POS is one of the participating companies around the world that celebrates this day providing its clients with free features and solutions to enjoy. 


How is BIM POS celebrating the software freedom day?


BIM POS is offering its clients Flexsurv


Who doesn’t want a direct and transparent relationship with customers? 


I bet you all do.  Let your customers talk to you through our digital platform, linked directly to your POS and CRM. 


Our customer feedback software empowers you to design customized questions that you mostly need for your business and then receive the answers that will help you enhance your services through digital comment cards. 


 The comment cards allow guests to fill out reviews, complaints, ratings and any highlight they might want to share. Comments are directly shared with the management, giving you full control over clients’ relationship management and giving you the chance to understand your customers needs and preferences so you can excel in your services. 


The free comment cards also help you in resolving arising issues that might obstruct customer satisfaction. 


BIM POS is giving away 3 comment cards for each client for unlimited time.


BIM Hoster 


Uses of BIM Hoster: The BIM Hoster is a guest reservation software that connects to your restaurant's POS in real-time fashion. You no longer need to integrate with a third party application because you can have your own and connect to your POS and CRM software. 

 This reservation software is used by thousands of restaurants around the world and it’s efficient in managing your dining area and avoiding over or under booking.


BIM POS will offer one for each client on this special day. 


Contactless menu


Contactless menus are menus that are accessible from customers’ smart mobile phones, ideally without any application installation prerequisite.


Customers scan the code available on their tables and have the chance to browse food and beverage menu without touching a paper menu.


For more information on contactless menu, you can check this blog


BIM POS will be offering its customers 6 free months of the contactless menu solution. 




BIM POS Insights is a Mobile Dashboard & Insights application for Android and iOS mobile phones displaying business' data and analyzing it in a real-time fashion.

It’s suitable for owners and managers, and it displays all your company's reports and notifications whether you run a single outlet or a multi concept and multi branch environment.


With this feature, you can enjoy live access and visibility on what’s going on in all your branches. 


Enjoy this mobile solution for a year.



Conditions apply for these giveaways so stay tuned to our social media platforms for more details on how to benefit from these specials on software freedom day.

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